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  1. What better way to celebrate Memorial Day weekend is there than buying my AEG? ;-P
  2. Okay, this is the last price drop... I'll come down to $350 shipped. That's a steal and you know it, people! :-P
  3. I sold the magazines, and am going to attempt to sell the chest rig elsewhere, so I modified the first post accordingly, and dropped the price of the lot to $375 shipped.
  4. I'd sell you three of the four mags, if you bought the chest rig as well. I'd let the three mags and the chest rigs go for $100 shipped. Would this work for you?
  5. Just a heads-up, I changed the price to $500. If you were to buy all of this separately online, it'd probably cost around $700, counting shipping.
  6. Up for sale is a Real Sword Type 56-1 AEG with an Intellect 9.6v NiMh stick battery, a Chinese Army surplus sling, a UTG gun case, an oil bottle, tools, an extra leather sling tab, an extra stock baseplate, a silencer adapter, a speed loader, and the accompanying paperwork. It's in like new condition, and has only been played with twice. Real Swords are well-known for being made from real steel and wood, and are perfect replicas of the real-life Type 56-1 (which is the Chinese copy of the folding stock AK-47). It shoots great, and would be the ultimate addition to any airsoft collection. Here's a link to the gun on the Real Sword web site. I'm looking to get $375 shipped (via USPS Priority Mail to anywhere in the contiguous USA). I'd like for the payment to be through PayPal, but a money order would be okay as well. I live in Suffolk, VA, so if you're local, I'd be happy to arrange a local pickup, and would accept cash in that case.
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