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  1. Glasses are not fully sealed so BBs can still hit your eye. They can also fall off much more easily. You should get goggles or a face mask. If you are going with goggles, I suggest you get a FlakJak. If you are going the face mask route get a vForce paintball mask.
  2. Not practical in a game. But they can be fun for "messing" around or skirmishing with friends. I still have my first airsoft gun, which was a spring pistol.
  3. I would say 400. Maybe a little less.
  4. Jing Gong also makes good guns for beginners. So does Echo 1, which is a re-brand of JG. So look into those brands. If you are new I strongly recommend getting a used gun. It's all up to you though.
  5. Well that gun is pretty much a Woodsball/MilSim gun. You also should look for a light gun. Can't give you a good recommendation unless I have a price range. $100-$200: Tippmann A-5 $200-$300: Invert Mini 300+: Any Speedball gun!
  6. Adding rails to an AK-Upgrades and Modifications: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Upgrades...ations-f89.html Tactical Equipment-Uniforms, Military Gear, and BDU's: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Uniforms...-Gear-f105.html Magazines-Magazines and Clips: http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Accessor...s-and-f108.html
  7. lnFAMOUS

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    Welcome to the site, and thank you for your service!
  8. First of all return the gun. A sniper isn't a good choice for a beginner. Even worst, it's a WELL gun. Most cheap stock snipers get the same FPS and range of a cheap AEG. Only difference is that the AEG will get you a much better rate of fire. If an AEG is out of your budget, then scan eBay for a used gun. Be careful though. Second, get safety goggles or some sort of eye protection. I strongly recommend a full face mask, similar to those used in Paintball. If you are not very serious and are probably going to play in a backyard, then that is about all the gear you need. If you are considering doing events and playing at an established field you will most likely need more gear. Always wear safety goggles when around or using airsoft guns, even for target practice. Have fun and play safe! EDIT: PM me if you need more info or have any questions!
  9. Some airsoft games are also elimination.
  10. I played airsoft, but also played paintball. I am thinking of moving over to paintball. If anybody who played both, can tell me what you thought was more fun and why?
  11. Any one have an old non blow-back pistol they might sell? I don't really care about chips or scratches, as long as it is in okay working condition. Greatly appreciated!
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