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  1. So I have an RHOP installed in my SR10 and am extremely satisfied with the range and accuracy, however Im shoting about 300-320 fps with .30s (Guess) and 350-360 with .20s (Chronoed). The problem with it the .30s is that at range people see the bbs and are matrixing around them and the problem with the .25s is that they they fly allllllll over the place at 150 ft. So my question to anyone is that should I get a stronger spring installed or will the same thing happen where the RHOP will cause it to fly alllll over the place due to the high fps. With the .30s I can hit a piece of paper 4/5 times at 200 feet, but the fps is low and people are dodging. Im saying that because I understand higher fps does not always mean more range and thats fine. I just need the bb to hit the person so they cant dodge them. My Possible thoughts: Get more powerful Spring to maybe 380-390 (Which my gun should be able to handle) Suck it up and not change a thing Use .28 and adjust the RHOP to fit it NOTE: The bbs used are made by the same company!! only difference is weight!!!! **** Also I noticed in comparison to my other gun the grip where the motor is housed gets warm fast, is that normal with a KWA stronger motor?****
  2. Look at the 5.11 multi color flashlight. I like it because it has are-chargable battery as well as it takes standard batteries. It is very cool. It has red (Night) White (Everything else) and Blue (Aircraft). Too be honest its worth looking into. http://www.511tactical.com/All-Products/Fl...ical-Light.html
  3. You know I was a Iron Sights guy from day one, but one day to act cool (A cover up for a bad shop aholic on ebay) I bought a NCSTAR 4x32 scope. After looking through it, it was more of a 2x32 and im glad. For airsoft, you don't need anything more than a 2x32 in my opinion and I guess its personal preference. But to be honest I now love the scope. there is a reason why the military is investing for optics on most every rifle, the accuracy is dramatically increased. I noticed that this week while playing. The little zoom is good enough to track the bbs while not too zoomed in. I do have a spare iron sights just in case.
  4. Okay thank you, I will try that and if not I will send it back. It goes straight 150 feet... then will go an extra 75 to 100 feet in the wrong direction hahaha
  5. Hello, I have an sr10 with an rhop installed by sniperxx and the range is great but not the accuracy for some reason. It shoots straight for about 150 feet then go up then down before it curves left really badly... If I turn the barrel will it stop the curve? Im using .30s and its going about 320 fps just for extra info. I really want to get it fixed badly so it can shoot to its maximum potential. I have a madbull barrel as well. If it continues I may just try to take the rhop off, it proving to be difficult. I also have a sniper rifle (BAR10) that is curves a little to the right but goes straight.
  6. Yes, once a mag is inserted and cocked back the hammer will move all the way forward and back, however on the second trigger pull the hammer will only go half way forward. Is it the mag or 1911
  7. My 1911 has been working well up to this point. I am using old mags that may have bad leaks, however the other day I was using it and it will shoot one and the hammer will only go halfway forward and I then need to push the hammer back again. Anyone know what could be wrong or how to fix it?
  8. Hey I am having issues with this grenade, can anyone help? The grenade is leaking gas and I believe that that may be the issue. With that said what happens is I take off the spoon and the metal piece goes up and then it starts to leak... if I fix the leak with it probably then work or should the metal piece not come up at all. When I mean the metal piece I mean the circular one under the spoon
  9. Before I get a bunch of flack I will be straightforward; There will not and I am not saying it is possible to play airsoft in Baltimore but just think... On the out skirts of Baltimore there are remains of buildings and factories that have been long emptied. The only time there are people on those streets are when the homeless walk around or for a ravens game. Having been there for years I can honestly say that bio degradable bbs, no one would know that anyone would have played... How do I know, I know some people who did so. It started as some picture op for some airsoft contest but some of my friend and MAYBE I (can not comfirm nor deny I was a apart of it) played 3 hours that night. Let me show you the areas I am talking about http://www.kilduffs.com/homes_44_Baltimore...Avenue_2006.jpg http://www.baltimoresun.com/media/photo/20...40-08152240.jpg http://I.ytimg.com/vi/WTepfIqc7Wk/0.jpg http://www.baltimoresun.com/media/photo/2012-05/69719791.jpg http://www.kilduffs.com/Factory_15_Goetzes..._2005_photo.jpg Those are just some, I can find large views because Baltimore hates it, they are not sure what to do with it. Its just south of M&T Bank Stadium. I kid you not when I say there are about 15 blocks and 3 square miles of empty ness, some of it is barbed off but most is not. (Also when they/we played there... not one cop came!)
  10. 250 feet with a UTG master pro... I aimed about 5 feet over my targets head and got him in the chest... he didnt count himself out and for good reason, only 9.8m/s^2 was moving that bb if you know what I mean. The player asked at the end of the game is someone hit him with a slowly moving bb.... YEA I DID!!!
  11. If you are on the east coast I feel that you would do better than anywhere else, Although Airsoft is not as big on the East Coast as the West, there are no major East coast stores besides Airsoft Atlanta (Not that big compared to ASGI and EVIKE), Trinity (Over priced), and Shortu USA. Also if you put up a field you will have people buying there as well because they will feel the need to have the gear when they play there. Every time I go out I always wish I could buy something that would give me an edge. Also it may not be a lot of money at first but it will turn into a lot once it gets known. Look up "ballahack" airsoft, it used to be a small field, now its a large park with a store that draws from over 200 miles away... I drove from Washington DC to Ballahack to play a REAL big game every now and then! A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single foot step... take that step and ur one step close than before
  12. I would just like to take a general survey, Which would you rather have suede or leather.... I have noticed that the leather material allows for more options such as waterproof and other cool features that cost extra in suede. Also the suede "waterproof" treatment doesnt count because it often doesnt work. Which boots do you prefer??? P.S. as of now the army does not allow zipper boots, do you agree or disagree; to be honest have have 2 zip up boots and they have failed less than the laces. (During subzero temperatures the laces will freeze while the zipper is still operational.) I a just wondering everyones unique thoughts, there are no wrong answers, just stupid replies hahahah but not really.
  13. HAHAHA I remember how out of shape I was... I tried running 1/4 a mile and didnt make it, now however after plying for awhile you will get used to it. I feel like airsoft is a great sport because I don't know any other sport where a player is motivated to run or do physical activity because they are getting shot at. (paintball and airsoft are the same concept) Something about running to avoid getting pelted really motivates me!
  14. http://img703.imageshack.us/img703/6343/goprochestmount.jpg This one is more what your looking for
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