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  1. From a retailer. Sorry, I probably should have specified that.
  2. Is there any risk in buying a refurbished gun? Will they wear out faster or anything?
  3. Hi, I am new to airsoft and would like to possibly get some advice on choosing a good, semi-fisrt gun. My price range is pretty much anything under $200 (although cheaper is always preferable when quality remains constant). I would like for it to be modeled after an m-4 or something along those lines. This gun will probably be seeing the most use in woody terrain, so I would like for it to have good accuracy and range. These are probably my biggest concerns, with range being less important that accuracy. I am open to any and all advice. Again, I'm pretty new to this and everything I see whenever I am looking for a gun can get pretty overwhelming. I know that the G&G Combat Machines are commonly suggested. Are there any other suggestions? I'm not against a Combat Machine or anything, I just want to consider all of my options. Thank you for any potential help.
  4. Thank you for the advice, sir.
  5. As you've probably guessed from the title, I am brand new at this. I threw the idea of airsoft at some of my friends, allowed them to fool around with some cheap stuff my little brother has acquired over the years, and they seemed interested. I would love to play, but it's a little overwhelming for me, being new and such. I have already bought a WELL mb-04 and I like it. Other than that, I basically have a general collection of the stuff sold by Wal-Mart: cheap shotgun, cheap pistols, and a Crosman Pulse R76. I'm looking to get a better side arm for when I'm using my sniper and eventually a decent AEG. Any suggestions? Also, any and all advice available about airsoft in general would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.
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