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    I love doing airsoft, I am also a gear professional!

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    JG SR16 M4 w/ Acog, Grenade Launcher, and Peq box. A&K Masada w/ Special Forces Silencer Echo 1 M16 w/ RIS Grenade Launcher , Peq and Acog
  1. I made a small video of my loadout with mostly based off Multicam. Sorry was nervous, so sorry for the nervous actions. Loadout Video Sorry for the dog in the back
  2. Looking to buy a CIRAS MARTIME. In Coyote brown and don't wanna spend more than $110 if possible, pouches do not need to be included.
  3. Im lookong for a an M4 with RIS or S-System. Or a G36c for $85.
  4. We will see because someone is gonna own ALOT of money and paypal will come after them and take them to court.
  5. If you did a gift you can still file a dispute or claim you have to call paypal. I did it as gift and I have a dispute open. If seller doesnt respond in the next 2 days I will get my money back. Not to include that I have the message from the original owner saying his account was hacked so I sent that into paypal as well.
  6. Ok so Im looking to get a new gun. An M4, but I want one that is reliable, not plastic, and has about 380 fps. I would like one with the CQB length barrel. My budget is about $230. So here are all of the things im looking for: 380 FPS CQB Length Barrel Reliable NOT PLASTIC RIS/RAS I have been looking but need other options, JG is plastic, and I have heard bad things about Javelin.
  7. Well the guys email is: frshpierre08@<PLEASE DO NOT POST YAHOO ACCOUNTS IN YOUR MESSAGES> so if you have any complaints you can send him an email. I did. I was scammed $100 for a A&K Masada that had a broken gearbox and hopup
  8. WTB Mich Helmet for My buddy for Xmas. Would like to have one with NVG Mount.
  9. So I have been looking around and I cant find one. I am looking for a Spartan II vest or Spartan I. Anyone know where I can get one?
  10. Looking for a working A&K MASADA in Tan. Please PM me.
  11. Anyone? Looking for one with no internals.
  12. WTB broken A&K Masada or just the gun with no internals.
  13. My question is, I have been airsofting before but not to a major game and I need a death rag but im not sure what theya re used for or how they are used can someone help me please?
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