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  1. I'm going to have an airsoft war with 10 friends. We are all pretty much Newbies. How much ammo is needed for 9 people who use pretty much $60 AEG's and spring pistols? I'm getting ammo for my self, But is 5,000 bb's good for a solid 3 hour play? My parents can only pay for 5,000 bbs. HELPS! P.S. is a round 300 bbs? or 1?
  2. Is Painting your airsoft gun legal as long as you don't paint the orange tip?
  3. Mangeezer

    BB weight ratios

    If a .2 gram BB shoots 400 fps, then whats the fps of a .25 gram BB? It seems like since 25 gram BB's are 5% heavier then 20, then it would seem like the fps would be 380, but that doesn't seem right. It is 20%? I'm so confused!
  4. I want to paint my airsoft gun some highlighted colors to further say to neighbors and police that this is not a real gun. What is the best paint for the job that won't wear out? my gun has complete plastic externals but a complete metal gear box. Any suggestions? (I have a Lancer tactical M4, and I want it to look like this:
  5. I want to host an airsoft war in a greenbelt right next to my house. Is it legal to play in Greenbelts? I really don't want the cops to bust me... It's about 60 feet from any houses and is wooded all around, so a bb couldn't sail into a neighbors window. I plan to use biodegradable bbs, so is it with in the law? I live in Seattle.
  6. Hi, I was just wondering how much the fps lowers after the spring "Breaks in." I'm talking about a Lancer Tactical M4 that has a full metal gear box. Also how much fps drops if you use .25 bbs over .2? Thanks!
  7. I want to get some .26 gram BBs so I can lower my fps. But can Heavier bbs harm or jam the gearbox? Sorry, I am sounding like a total Newbie, , but all my google searches have lead me no-where. So yes, or no?
  8. Hi, I've done some research on upgrades and stuff, and I had heard that people on the forum could help. Is there anyone who can replace a spring in my lancer tactical m4? I need to lower the fps and wondered if a pro that has experience could do it for me for about 20 to 30 bucks. I will pay for shipping. Thanks!
  9. I have a lancer tactical m4, and its almost perfect. It has 400 fps, and my friends won't let me use it. So I want to send it in somewhere to lower the fps to about 300. I know airsoftgi.com does it, but it's $60. Any cheaper options? Help! I am looking for a service $30 tops. THANKS
  10. I had a first airsoft battle, and I had an AEG. I really liked it and I want to get into airsoft, but not spend so much money. I just want a simple 60 dollars or less AEG that isn't all totally crap, and that will last me until I know if I really want to get into the sport. This is just for backyard wars so t doesn't really need to be all tricked out or anything. Help from the pros! PLEASE! Maybe some suggestions that you guys first started with?
  11. I want a starter airsoft electric gun. I want to get the Boyi CQB M4 Electric Airsoft Rifle LPEG for $47 on amazon.com. Other sites recommended it as the "top 5 airsoft gun under $50." Is it any good for its category? If not, whats the best if your budget is $60 with shipping and handling?
  12. I want a nice decently built M4 airsoft gun that has a velocity of 300 fps or less. My budget is $100, which is the best made for the price and velocity. I'm buying one just to have fun battles with my friends. Any suggestions?
  13. I'm going to buy a new lancer tactical MK18 AEG M4 that has 400 fps, which is great, but not great for me. I want an Airsoft gun that for $100, is made very well. From the reviews, The Lancer has very good internal parts, which is why it can shoot 400 fps. But my friends won't let me use a gun with that much velocity.The unfortunate thing is all the 250-300 fps AEGS under $100 are all kind of crappy. So my solution is to lower the velocity of the Lancer. I think the best way to do this is to but in a weaker spring, which I can't do DIY. So I want to send it in to a Airsoft repair and ugrade site, but I don't know which one is the best for this upgrade or the best deal. Which is the best? I was thinking about Airsoft extreme Are they good? Need some good experienced info.
  14. I'm going to get a new AEG M4 but the fps is 400, which to me is a little high. I'm going to have wars with my friends with it, so I want it not to really hurt and stuff. (Because my friends would probably not let me use it.) So is there any way to lower the fps WITHOUT going into the gearbox? HELPS!!!
  15. So I've came down to a final choice for my M4 airsoft gun. One is the Well bell galaxy R6E M4 for $90, and the Lancer Tactical M4 that got recommended for me for $95. Which is better? Pros? Cons? NEED ANSWERS FROM THE AIRSOFT PROS!
  16. Hi, and I do not own a airsoft gun. I have been very uninterested in airsoft until I had a war at a friends birthday party. So basically, I am a pre-beginner. So to get to the point, I want an airsoft gun and I don't know what to get. I want something electric, something not too powerful for wars, (maybe about 250 fps.,) and something not total crap. One of my friends had a gun that looked like an M4, and it looked perfect for what I wanted. But I can't seem to find the model. He said he got it for about a $100, but I want to know if thats really appropriate. I found an electric m4 on hobbytron.com for $45, and it looked identical to his. But what I really want to know is which is the most bang for your buck. The ones I'm thinking about are the Dboys m4 on hobbytron.com for $45, or the wells bells galaxy M4 for $100. Is the wells better? or are they ripping me off? And is the Dboys model crap? HELP!!!
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