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  1. Me and my roomate go to college in Wilmore. My roomate's an airsofter but I'd love to get into it. Are there any fields, teams, or people that play consistently in Lex? We'd love to join you guys.
  2. Hey all, title says all. What brands/specific guns are the most quality? Thanks, Alex.
  3. I'm really interested in the gun! Two quick q's how reliable is it and what's its fps? I'm a poor college student and I can afford to keep fixing it and such. Also, how much would the silencer be? Could I replace the pistol grip and such for something cheaper? Thanks, Alex
  4. My school is starting an airsoft club and I'm going to dabble to see if it gets successful before I drop some dough on it. I need some good eye protection that's also cheap. What would you recommend? One that dosen't fog easily is desired. Also, what is the benefit of goggles versus glasses?
  5. I'm about to start playing at my school and I'm looking to get a few essentials for as cheap as possible. I'm looking for: Any cheap AEG with rails, preferably a M4 variant OR A cheap blowback metal Gas pistol Some goggles OR Some safetly glasses that are safe enough A shemagh OR A balclava Thanks!
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