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  1. I am looking to purchase the salient emg GRY in full length. Id like it to be in good shape and have cash on hand.
  2. Im looking for a vfc sr16 needs to have the original lower and atleast the upper and barrel, as I plan on changing the rail system anyway. Also looking for the sr15 version as well. For dmr's I am looking for either the g&g scout m14 or a socom adjustable stock sr25. Please pm me with pics and price thank you
  3. bump willing to do a price upadate 300 plus shipping for just the mk18 350 plus shipping= mk18 and tac light 380 plus shipping= mk18 + tac light + eotech sight
  4. I have a vfc mk18 with the vfc tac light. I got the gun used and when I received it there was no bolt catch. It now has a new function bolt catch. Everything works fine and I is wired to deans. looking for 350 plus shipping but I am negotiable.
  5. bump prices obo and also looking for a cqb lm4
  6. looking to sell down the collection since I don't get to get out and play as often as I used to. 1. VFC Mk18-375 shipped or 350 with split shipping. I am negotiable with prices as well. Will come with a black pts stock or the voltor stock above pictured. vfc tac light. it is wired to deans and comes the the knights suppressor as well. only issue is its missing the bolt catch. 2. VFC m4- 300 shipped or 275 split shipping. Will come with one keymod segment, the suppressor which has a magpul flash comp under it magpul grip and will come with 4 mags. 3. externals Voltor stock-30 mft grip-20 suppressor-30
  7. Im looking for a magpul masada with atleast the folding stock, regular or cqb barrel preferred, A krytac spr or any of the knights armament licesned m4s. What I have for trade is a vfc m4 with magpul grip, magpul pts stock, new dytac 14.5 urx 4 keymod rail system and a magpul aac comp and supressor.
  8. Didnt think that was necessary in the wanted section but will update
  9. Didnt think that was necessary in the wanted section but will update
  10. have a new mk18 ris in fde, looking to trade for a vtac 9 in rail system
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