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  1. So ive been working on a broken g36 for a friend and have been relatively unsuccessful. The gearbox has been taken apart and shimmed. On two different fully charged 96v batteries I get the same issue. Maybe a shot or two but then it locks up halfway back. I tried pulling a working motor from my ak and same issue. Today upon inspection I have found that the black wire coming from the motor gets hot first, then the battery. if you smell near the motor contacts your get a plastic burning smell. Any help?
  2. is the bolt still short stroked with the co2 bolt can u still load the co2 into it if the bolt doesnt come out.
  3. Just pick up some MAG mags. Plastic but feed well. Run $8 a piece.
  4. Hey alberty those links both lead to the same thread... And OP all alberty is saying is that you need to specify a little bit more. You have a budget and kinda a model preference. The question you need to answer is what are you looking for out of your rifle? High ROF, long range accuracy, big ammo capacity, what is it that you plan on doing with your rifle? Do you want all 350 into the base gun? Are you looking to upgrade?
  5. So I got this g36 back together and went to shoot it on a charged battery. It shot three shots and locked up. Now it will lock up every shot. The piston gets almost all the way back and the motor can't finish the cycle. Any thoughts? I was going to take pics but I couldn't upload them. The piston head can be seen in the cylinder window. EDIT: I pulled the motor out of my ak to try it and it cycled the g36 a few times and then locked up. I know the shim job it horrendous. (shims in the mail) could this be the problem?
  6. Your gear box could have a really bad shim job. Your gears could have an irregular shape causing grinding. It really depends. What kind of sound are you hearing? Whining, grinding, motor noise, piston slap?
  7. ^^ this guy knows what he is talking about. Anyway, the larger bore barrel allows the air to stabilized the bb better. orga makes a 6.23 that has amazing reviews but its fps will be lower. I generally use 6.03 just because it is cheap and a happy medium. The quality and consistency of the barrel are the most important. I like prommy barrels best but I tend to cheap out and buy madbulls a lot.
  8. First off I wouldn't get a 6.01. Sure you will gain a little fps but it wont be as accurate. Get a 6.03. To answer your hop up question, the bucking is the rubber like sleeve that goes around the inner barrel over the hop up window. On the bucking there is bump that sticks into the barrel that actually puts spin on the bb. The nub is a small, usually plastic, part that helps push the bucking into the barrel. A good option for you is the RHOP by HunterSeeker5. Pair that with HS5's M nub and you have a nice hop up. Even better is the ERHOP with the EM nub. ..oh and Welcome to airsoft!
  9. If you go with the l96 do these mods while you save for parts. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/Stock-MK...es-t172200.html Bar 10 http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/JG-Bar-1...p;mode=threaded these mods, if done correctly can increase your guns performance. If you installed a RHOP and used .3 bbs I would say you could easily get a 250ft range out of a stock gun.
  10. You could DIY mod either the l96 or the Bar 10 to shoot decent stock. No sniper rifle shoots well stock. You are better off buying a gun with an aftermarket future than one that might reach out to 200ft stock.
  11. I would say that you would want a VSR 10 G Spec clone. JG makes one with a scope for 170. I believe that the suppressor can come off without showing the inner barrel but I could be wrong. I would certainly buy an R HOP and try to install that. Other wise look into the different DIY mods that can be done to it. Although I would stay away from the spring spacer being that you could blow your sears. http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/JG-BAR-10-G-...fle-p/21320.htm
  12. Alright, thank you for the link. I live in central wisconsin so I think that I should be okay temperature wise. One more question. If I am using a vsr barrel would it be possible to R HOP the pistol? Or because of the low fps would it be useless to have?
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