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  1. Melee weapons can be loads of fun. So can riot shields. But you want a gun... The Goblin Deuce is fun. I haven't had any issues with it's reliability (though it's range is very short... like, 50 feet, tops), but it is almost brand new, so that could change. A revolver or grenade launcher pistol sounds fun, but I have no experience with either.
  2. Funny, because I'm looking at the review right now and seeing mention of $400 Tanakas. I hate to sound like a broken record, but maybe you should read something before passing judgement on it. Thanks for the info! As I said before, I've already decided against buying one. As I've already said multiple times, I've decided against buying one. So no, I'm not trying to make myself more confident with my purchase, and no, I wasn't smearing Tanaka or Marushin (the guy in the review did, not me).
  3. I'm not partial to it. I've already decided I'm not buying one. And of course it's just one review. Did you expect me to post all of the ones I could find? I looked at about 50 reviews and couldn't find any negative ones. If you had prior experience, why didn't you mention it before, or even after I asked for it? I'm sorry if I'm coming across as hostile. that's not my intention. I was mainly responding to the negative tone seen in comments such as renegadecow's. I appreciate your efforts to warn me against inferior products, I just wish you wouldn't treat me like an ignorant Newbie when you do it.
  4. Wrong. Once again, you pass judgement were you've done no research and don't know what you're talking about. I expect more from this subforum. Here's the full review, with key parts bold and underlined: "I have Seen Dozens of Revolvers / Purchased Several all I can say is this is the pinnacle of Airsoft Revolvers. Without a doubt this is the best full metal revolver available. Forget Marushin, Tanaka, This one is better by far over my $400 Tanakas. I have been shooting it a lot, Evike has the spare shells and it just feels and looks great. Don't waste your time if you just want a revolver, get this one. I am a collector, so it's different for me. Chrono Tests: (Average over six shots) .12 - 575 fps .20 - 492 fps .25 - 440 fps .28 - 402 fps Range Tests: (Grouping six shots, fixed mount, .25g) 25 ft - 1 1/4 inch 50 ft - 3 1/2 inch 75 ft - 8 inch 100 ft - 1 bb hit 8x10 target Amazing performance, compensating for distance and I've hit 150' Pros: Looks, Performance, Durability Cons: I cannot find a photograph or designation for the real gun."
  5. So CO2 Revolvers suck and a Tanaka or Marushin would be better? Can you cite some experience on this? Have you compared them? If so, I'd like to know. Because one guy in the reviews I was reading seems to say the opposite of what you're saying: "I have Seen Dozens of Revolvers / Purchased Several all I can say is this is the pinnacle of Airsoft Revolvers. Without a doubt this is the best full metal revolver available. Forget Marushin, Tanaka, This one is better by far over my $400 Tanakas... Don't waste your time if you just want a revolver, get this one. I am a collector, so it's different for me." Needless to say, this is probably the last time I ask you guys for advice. I would suggest that you make sure you know what you're talking about before making any recommendations as to how someone should spend their hard-earned money. Just a thought.
  6. I already have a decent sidearm, but I want something else with a little more oomph, range, accuracy, and intimidation. I think a revolver might fit the bill. I've been looking around, and I've decided that I don't want a spring one (obviously) and all the green gas ones I've seen either suck or are over $200, So I'm thinking Co2. Evike carries a bunch of revolvers by ASG/WG, but there's so many different variants that I can't decide. Here's what I do know: the ones with 8 inch barrels are too long IMO The ones with 2 inch barrels are too short IMO Wood grips look ugly/don't match with my loadout So I'm thinking a black or chrome (no wood) 4" or 6" CO2 revolver. So, which would you buy? Is there another revolver you would recommend? Does a 6 inch revolver have any significant advantage in range/accuracy/etc. over a 4 inch?
  7. That looks like it would work really well! I did a google image search on weapon catches, and I think that would be my best bet. Best of all, I can probably make one out of stuff I have lying around.
  8. I apologize if this is in the wrong sub-forum. I wasn't quite sure where to put it. Okay, so I have an M3 shotgun (the "shorty" version with pistol grip and no stock), but I have no way to conveniently carry it in tandem with my MP5k. My MP5k and my shotgun are both very good in CQB, but one is better for certain situations than the other, and I'd like to be able to carry both at the same time and be able to switch between them with relative ease. I currently carry my MP5k using a one-point sling setup, which is very comfortable and easy to use, so no problem there. The problem is with my shotgun. I've tried various styles and carrying methods using both one-point and two-point sling setups, but none of them are very effective. The shotgun is either way too lose, bouncing around when I run, sticking barrel-first in the ground when I crouch, and just doing an all-round great job of hindering my movement; or it's too tight to the point that it's a real pain to get to when I need it. So what would you guys suggest? Any particular sling, sling configuration, or carry style that works best? How about those shotgun scabbards? Should I get one of those? Do they work well? Is there another piece of gear I've never heard of that would allow me to carry my shotgun that provides both comfort and ease of access?
  9. We were playing a game of "Vital hits" (center mass, head, neck groin shots-- all other don't count). I had my ballistic shield, and was facing off against a guy with an G36c. So I'm fighting this dude, my shield is blocking all his bullets, all my attention is on him, and another guy pops out of a bush and hits me center mass with a SPRING PISTOL. My worst death ever.
  10. I was at Combat City's indoor arena in FL a few weeks ago... we were playing a game of "center flag," and it was my first day with my new rubber knife. I had resolved to get as many kills with it as I could. So at the beginning of the third game of center flag, I sprinted straight to the center and raised our team's flag (I was the guy who did this every round, in fact). I was soon pinned down, and having no place that I needed to be, I decided to sit and hide behind the bunker the flag was attached to. So, much to my delight, an enemy team member charges up to raise their flag. He didn't know I was there, so as soon as he reached up to grab our flag I just slashed my rubber knife across his chest; an action which was met by a chorus of dismayed exclamations from the majority of the enemy team. You think they would've learned their lesson, right? Well, not long after, another dude runs up to raise the enemy flag. He was actually a friend of mine, Daniel by name. Just as he reached the flag and I prepared to pounce, I heard his teammates shout in unison: "Watch out for the knife-kill!" Too late. I killed him just like the other guy. It was a good day. Another time some fiends got together (there were only 6 of us, 3 to a team) and did a "gas pistols and spring guns only" match for old-times sake. It was mostly pump shotguns and CO2 pistols, but I had my M3 tri-shot shotgun. I used it to take out the entire enemy team... TWICE. That three-shot blast is sweet. One dude got hit once in the heart, once in the throat, and once in between the eyes from a single three-shot blast.
  11. Clearly you didn't watch the vid, because it was a fire test not a review. I know Jarek sucks, which is why I posted the fire test and not the review. No bias or stupidity in a couple of trigger pulls. He doesn't even use words in the vid, just shooting and reloading and more shooting.
  12. Well, I already have an MP5K, so a MAC 11 would seem... I dunno, redundant. You know? But it would certainly be fun to have and use. This is exactly what I was thinking. Thanks for your help, guys! I've watched some video reviews, and I think I've settled on the Goblin.
  13. A drink straw and a mouthfull of BBs actually works for this. I've seen it done. As for the Katana, I already have a rubber combat knife which I use (plus a lightsaber and some Nerf swords I COULD use). Well, you guys haven't been much help. Then again, I didn't give you much to work with, so it's probably my fault. :)
  14. Perhaps I should've explained that I already have other guns. I already have the equipment and skills to be effective, complete objectives, and get kills. Now I just want a small, cheap weapon (carried SIMULTANEOUSLY with my other weapons) that will add a little more fun to the process. A Derringer, for example, would fit into this category. However, it's highly ineffective. That's why I've narrowed it down to the two guns in the OP.
  15. Budget: $115 (optimum) Where I play: Indoor an outdoor (CQB and Field) Playstyle(s): Front-line running and gunning, ambushing, or slow-and-steady with a ballistic shield. So I want something small and compact, which I can quickly whip out to waste adversaries. I'm not looking so much for effectiveness as I am for "kill satisfaction." I have settled on the S-thunder Grenade launcher pistol or the Goblin Deuce. Factoring the price of two grenades for the launcher and a set of extra shells for the Deuce, both guns would come out to about $110. From what I've gathered, the grenade pistol would be more effective at taking people out. It has more BBs per spread, a larger spread, and more range; but at the cost of having to spend more on BBs and Gas. The Deuce has the BA factor, the uniqueness factor, and needs less BBS and gas; but at the cost of reduced spread and range. Remember, kill satisfaction and enjoyability of use is what I'm looking for most. So which gun should I get? Which one would give the best balance of economy (price per shot), effectiveness (ability to get kills), and fun (kill satisfaction)? If I can't decide, then I'll just spring for a $120 CO2 revolver (prolly a Dan Wesson), since it has the BA factor, intimidation factor, and high kill satisfaction.
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