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  1. You should read this to gain some insight as well. http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/topic/281986-the-official-wide-bore-barrel-vs-tight-bore-barrel-thread/
  2. Yeah, I shoot only Bios (Go environment! ) So, I think I'll buy .30g Biovals next time I buy some and hopefully that will reduce the grouping. I'm not looking for amazing accuracy, but I would just like that 200ft range to be useful. And I used the teflon tape mod around the barrel along with 5 things to reduce barrel wobble. At the hopup unit and at the muzzle I can't move the barrel at all, so I don't think it's that. Overall, I definitely find it to be an improvement over a stock setup, but I had one customer before say that his flat-hop mod was more accurate and got the same range as the R-hop. He was a tad shady.. and never would return the barrel for a refund, but I was concerned if I was doing something wrong, because I doubted the Flat-hop would be superior... EDIT: I think I might try out a prommy to compare. Maybe the madbull since it's aluminum is vibrating more than a steel barrel would?
  3. Rather rambling post, but here we go. My goal was to shoot around 300ft and I wasn't sure if this was do-able. I have a G&P with perfect compression, madbull V2 barrel, and a madbull m120 spring (haven't chrono'd yet, but the spring should be pretty consistent) I locked down every possible thing and made it impossible for any sort of air leak. (Polished any metal piece that air could or does pass through... O-rings in front of the hopup unit to push back on the gearbox... two more inner rings inside the hopup unit... dental floss mod on my like new Systema bucking.. teflon tape around the barrel...) Basically... all the possible DIY mods I could do. I did all of this and I'd say I'm shooting around 225ft when I do a slight overhop with .28g elite force BBs. Am I doing something wrong? Should I shoot heavier BBs? Is it even possible to get 300ft with this setup? If not what can I do to push performance? Second paragraph... I have installed IR-hops in all sorts of barrels in all sorts of conditions over time and for some odd reason all of them tend to land me around 200ft with 1J in a stock combat machine and .28g airsplat BBs depending on the quality of barrel. (I know.. I'm just using them up lol) For some odd reason I "ALWAYS" get around a 2ft grouping at that range no matter what the barrel is and if I switch to elite force .28g bbs the grouping goes to maybe 1.75 ft. This is obviously better than a stock setup, but is there something I'm missing? I've tried beveling the patch on both sides and individually and don't notice any difference. I've tried extending the crown on a barrel and taking off the crown completely and can't notice a difference. I feel like I"m missing something to these installs and haven't found a solution yet and would love any input as to what I could do to make it better. (I also have tried every imaginable nub) P.s. my installs have the original finish on the inside. I "fit" the patch to the outside not the inside, since I thought it would be more consistent that way.
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