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  1. Is this gun still for sale? If yes: Have you had any maintenance performed in the entire 2 YEARS that youve had it? 360-375 fps using what ammo? What is the range? Accept returns if defective? Thanks :)
  2. Thank you for the inputs! :D I looked into this. from what I found its a good gun. I don't play airsoft much at all, (maybe once/month) but I still like having something to shoot stuff with ;) I found this on airsplat. comes with a tightbore installed. It's exactly like the older version just with blowback (couldnt find one without BB...) http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-GG-GR16-P-BB.htm if any of you have experiance with it, further input is always nice.....like would any1 no if its fairly simple to learn to take apart and mod on my own :p
  3. Ok, im new at airsoft... lets say im new at the more ADVANCED lvl airsoft :p and ive been doing hours and hours on research to try to keep me from spending a good hundred and so dollars on a "premium" M4 thats going to blow ITSELF to pieces. SO, at first I was looking at Echo1... which then transfered over to JG...which finally led me to G&G being not only the best for your buck but also the most resistant to wear and tear after prolonged use. I have about a $200 budget for the gun, but am trying to keep it moderately simple on battery and upgrades (I was planning on 9.6v & smart charger). HOWEVER, may main question here is if I did want to upgrade the plastica would it be relatively simple for me to watch videos and disassemble on my own to install a barrel/bushings (btw idk what scs nub is...)? I live in a small town and would like to skip having to take it 50+ mi to a repair/servicemen. Thanks for ur time
  4. can you post a link on where to get this G&G specimen you speak of? I'm in the exact same situation this poor fellow is in and am having an internal debate over G&G M4 vs JG M4 and need it for under 200 preferably shooting around 375fps with .23's I play mainly woodball. Rail system isnt all that necessary for me. if I want to upgrade it will be internally so it would also be nice to have something that a Newbie can learn the ins and outs of fairly easily.
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