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  1. https://www.buyairsoft.ca/deals/sales/gandg...lastic-max.html OR https://www.buyairsoft.ca/deals/sales/gandg-m4-blowback.html I don't care about the money, so which one would you buy?
  2. I am looking into 2 guns, and do not know which one to get. ICS m4 is $474.99 https://www.buyairsoft.ca/ics-m4-a1.html While the G&G is $570 but on sale for $455 Which gun should I get? And which one am I getting the best deal?
  3. :a-confused:I am thinking about buying this gun and am wanting to know other people's opinions on it. Is it a good deal? https://www.buyairsoft.ca/ics-m4-a1.html -Made by ICS -It is $474.99 -Full metal -split gearbox -retractable stock -high torque motor -functional forward assist It comes with: -1 450rds high cap mag -1 370rnd high cap mag -1 9.6v 2000mah battery -smart charger I will not do much upgrading, only external if I do. Is this a smart buy?
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