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  1. When I installed my LB Kit and Quad rail I noticed that a bb would fall out of the end of the gun after I would shoot. Another problem I found was that my mag was winded up all the way but would not shoot the bbs. Help?
  2. When I put on the Long barrel kit for the Sig 552, I noticed while shootingg that a bb or two would fall out of the end of the gun after I stopped firing. Any ideas?
  3. What do you suggest as a good trigger box to look into if mine breaks? I would like one that is well made and that will fit and be durable.
  4. The probelm is that my cybergun sig 552 when it shoots it will frequently have bbs fall out of the barrel, as in no power behind it so that it doesnt go far, just right out of the end of the barrel and to the ground. Looking to get this fixed for a friend that I'm looking to give this too. Any Ideas?
  5. Not sure if I should go with the Intellect 9.6V Small Type 1600mAh Airsoft Battery Pack (Butterfly Configuration) www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=29458 Or Tenergy 9.6V 2000mAh Nunchuck NiMH Airsoft Battery Packs www.all-battery.com/96v2000mahnunchucknimhbatterypacksforairsoftgun.aspx I have heard that the lipo's are very good, but are dangerous when not dealt with correctly, help?
  6. is there a difference between the ICS sig 552's from Evike and Airsoft GI?
  7. I actually have bought all Ranger420's products and only need a cylinder shell to complete the cylinder set :/
  8. I have the ICS Sig 552 and want to know if there are any gearbox upgrades that are made for it or are from other guns that are compatible with the gun. Any ideas?
  9. Does anyone know what parts are compatible with the Echo1 M28? mostly the cylinder shell itself?
  10. thanks guys! I'll try that and see how it works. thanks for all the great advice!
  11. I put all the pics of it in my albums on my profile.
  12. the top part came off of the cylinder kit along with the bolt.
  13. Just got my new echo1 m28 and not even 50 shots in, I pulled back on the bolt and it popped out. I tried taking it apart and putting it back together but nothing seems to help. If you could help me figure this out that would be great. To see full sized image, click the photo.
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