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  1. I have bad stereotyping..... Most guns that come with accesories are not reliable..... But this is an exception. Thx for the suggestions!
  2. Thx guys for the suggestions. I actually got a bonus yesterday so I can buy both :3. I bought the FPG only because it is special addition, whereas I said I am a collector. Oh and LiveHumanTarget, I would only trust the last two of those pics.
  3. Heya guys I have a question. Im interested in getting a smaller airsoft gun (MAC11, etc.) and I am trying to decide between the two of these: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...43eebdfc8eddcea http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=33426 The first is a KWA KMP9 New Version GBB, and the second one is a KWA Special Edition PTS FPG. I am a collector so the FPG looks tempting but.......Im drawn to the KMP9 too.... What's your opinion?
  4. Ok, now I understand what you're looking for :D. My final suggestion for a cheap, easy to upgrade, and durable gun is most of the guns in TSD's Tactical Gen3 series. I own three myself and the only problem I have had was on one a wire got loose in the trigger assembly, which was my fault; I dropped it on the handle..... Good Luck
  5. Well, you are not very specific about your choices, but here's what I think: >From expieriance, King Arms is a reliable brand, whereas G&P; not so much. The word 'Colt' in your description makes me cringe but depending on the brand, may turn out for the best. Good Luck.
  6. If I understand correctly, you are someone who wants an airsoft gun they can just mess around with. Any gun would do, but it seems you want a decent one. Any brand owned by ICS (TSD,UTG, etc.) are inexspensive and good for beginners, or for guys who wanna mess around with them ;). Therefore, your choice isn't half bad. This one you picked out is a good for the purpose you want it to have, so go crazy.
  7. Many people ask this question but have one problem with their question: the budget. It is almost impossible to find a decent gun under $100. If you are looking for a low-price gun for a starter AEG, try guns from Echo1, TSD, or certain ICS guns. If you want a reliable starter gun your budget will have to be higher.
  8. If you are looking for a quality Skorpion, or any kind of small CQB weapon, here are some good options: http://www.evike.com/index.php?cPath=21_665 On this page is a list of CQB guns from reliable manufacturers. I would personaly buy the KWA M11A1 V2 for $140 (listed on the page).Make sure you buy some extra mags; M11s tend to shred through bbs pretty fast.
  9. Good Question. ICS is one of those companies where 1/8 of their merchandise is actually good. The other 7/8 of it is usually pretty bad.... I own an ICS offbrand (TSD) gun and it's not bad at all, but what Im saying is that You must know these things about the gun before you take it: >If it's metal, not plastic, that's good. >If there has been poor repair work (bolts missing, etc.) do not take >If the owner lets you- take a few test-shots: Does it sound slow and resisting to fire? Does it sound like Metal scraping metal? Is the trigger loose? Does it have a quality battery? if not, do not take it. >Be selective: do you like the feel of the gun? The color? The weight? >Research the gun: find out it's name and look for customer reviews, firing tests; also check the price to see if you are getting ripped off or you are ripping off the seller ;). About the Mp5... They are usually reliable, depending on the brand, and try what is stated above. Good Luck!
  10. King Arms is one of several 'high-end' brands that are reliable, despite the price being so high. If you have a large budget any AEG from King Arms, Echo1, KWA, Ares, Classic Army, VFC, WELL, Tokyo Marui, Systema, and TSD-GEN3 are good AEGs that last a long time, but as I said, pricees for these guns are usually $120 and up. When I say up I mean $200-$400. Pick wisely.
  11. Another Sniper Question! King Arms makes a good sniper called the Blaser R93 LRS1 bolt action sniper rifle. King Arms is a good brand, and this gun is under 200 bucks. As far as I know, this gun, though the chassis is unique, is upgradable.
  12. Im sorry, but finding a good, green-gas revolver (or any reliable gas gun) under $40 is like trying to break a cinder block with a spork; it can't or rarely can be done. Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want a gas pistol, try a $90-$110 budget.
  13. A SCAR, huh? VFC (though I do not prefer it) makes some reliable and popular guns. This one you picked could probably be found somewhere else for about 10-20 bucks cheaper (try evike.com), and actually looks pretty good. I'd buy it (but make sure it's in stock as it is out-of-stock at GI :P).
  14. KWA Sidearm questions seem to be getting more common. KWA is a reliable brand despite the price, so the quality, plus the fact it's from evike.com, is a nice feature. If you are looking for a sidearm KWA is a good choice, so here's what Iwould do: >Buy this gun! it is reliable (My Sniper has this for her sidearm), and the price seems right.
  15. It is True that if you wanted to upgrade the JG BAR-10 is your best bet. But, because you don't want to upgrade It may not be your best choice. Both guns are inexspensive and have had good reviews in the past, but here's what I think: >Buy the WELL because it has so many good reviews and because its fairly cheap, also because you don't want to upgrade (the WELL is a pain in the A*s for me to upgrade)
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