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  1. Sounds easy enough for the cleaning- I'll assume that this charger is better than a less smart charger.
  2. I think it's a Tenergy universal charger, hope it's smart enough. What should we use to clean the barrel with? Is this just needed to remove the crap so it shoots better in the beginning, or can not doing this damage the barrel?
  3. OK- so we ended up getting the G&G M4 GR15 RAIDER-L with an intellect 9.6 and smart charger. Ordered it yesterday. Is there anything we should do to it first before using? Or just go have fun? thanks for everyones valuable input!
  4. What's the story with AMA? Do they make their own AEG's? I was looking at the G&G GR15 for about the same amount, but this looks like a better choice all around.
  5. Yeah the G&G was our first choice- this needs a battery and charger- I need a little help with this. We have some chargers that came with some other guns, but I would rather get smart charger and a good battery. The write-up on this model said a 8.4 or 9.6 small type battery. Are all small type batteries the same shape?
  6. OK- son returned this weekend and we discussed the SCAR some more. He's decided that he wants to go with a M4. We looked at the ECHO1 that I listed in my first post, but that is out of stock. Some others that we looked at were http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-GG-GR15P.htm http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERA-CA-M6-SP021.htm and http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-DF-M4-SS003.htm Again, still looking in the $200 range- I know that some listed above need batteries/charger but that's fine.
  7. That looks like a good compromise- is this a re-branded model of D-Boys SCAR?
  8. This is helpful- But in the end- if I'm not versed at modding, wouldn't it be cheaper to buy better internals?
  9. So if I decide to buy a better SCAR- which would be the recommendation? I know this question can/will open a can of worms. Or should he go with another M4?
  10. Does this apply to all SCAR-L AEGs? Or just these models?
  11. My son is looking for a SCAR- mostly plays backyard. His choice is the D-Boys. From poking around on WWW I came across a couple of reviews that caught my eye. One for the gun my son wants and the other for the AGM SACR-L. After reading and looking around a little more I'm still lost and confused. Of these two choices which would be better out of the box? Does one model offer itself up to easier/common upgrades? He has another AGM model 031 M4A1 that didn't last that long before it started to mess up. So I'm a little hestiant to get another AGM. I think that we may try to fix this now that I've found plenty of great info here- that will be another thread. He did list one other gun- an ECHO 1 M4 Troy that he was interested in. Thanks in advance for any help on this purchase. Chip
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