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  1. <a href='http://www.airsoftforum.com/board/redirect.php?url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.PLEASE+DO+NOT+LINK+TO+EBAY+SITES.+COPY+AND+PASTE+AD+DETAILS+HERE+-+THEIR+ADS+GO+AWAY+AFTER+90+DAYS%2Fitm%2FWeekend-Worrior-Neoprene-Hard-Foam-Airsoft-Mask-CAMO-%2F320870993347%3Fpt%3DLH_DefaultDomain_0%26hash%3Ditem4ab566cdc3' target="_blank" onclick="java script:urchinTracker('/outgoing/www_PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES_ COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS');">http://www.PLEASE DO NOT LINK TO EBAY SITES. COPY AND PASTE AD DETAILS HERE - THEIR ADS GO AWAY AFTER 90 DAYS/itm/Weekend-Worrior-Ne...=item4ab566cdc3</a> Will this work? Ok, so eBay doesn't work...it's described as "Weekend Warrior neoprene hardened foam half face mask". It covers the bottom portion of the face, so you can wear goggles with it. IT claims to protect from anything under 480 FPS.
  2. Being I'm just starting airsoft, don't want to spend $20-$50 on a mask if I don't have to. I can get neoprene masks for like $8. Do they actually protect you at all? I can see them protecting well from crap wal mart guns, but from stuff like SOCOM gear?
  3. I have a real, issued woodland camo US Army field jacket as well as a Marine woodland camo patrol hat I'd like to sell. I am unsure rather these items should be listed at. They will likely be used in airsoft play by the people on this website, however they are technically not airsoft items. where should they go?
  4. Well, my friend in another state is selling me a M4 Diablo...I dunno what brand it is(I can tell you when it arrives) but from the pic he texted to me, it looks pretty legit.
  5. We sell the Finish one at work, and I think it's pretty ugly. Czech ones are pretty cool, though.
  6. How do you guys think an israeli gas mas would fair as a protective airsoft mask?
  7. Nice to see a fellow virginian here. May I ask your loan in case we want to meet up for a match in the future? Also, I've made my final decision. a friend in NC is selling me an M4 Diablo with holographic red/green dot sight. It's like a $300 gun, and he's letting em get it for$150. I don't think I should pass that up.
  8. Sorry, just noticed wanted items are not allowed. Please lock/delete.
  9. Thanks guys. I look uo G&G and they look nice. I noticed they are electric. The people I will mainly b playing with are getting gas powered guns. What are the major advantages and disadvantages between spring, electric and gas? Will I be at a disadvantage using an electric while they use gas? EDIT: I am considering this: http://www.airsplat.com/Items/GR-KJW-RUGER-CA.htm
  10. I have been playing paintball for several years, but lately my friends and I have discussed switching to airsoft. I am looking to spend no more than $150 if I can help it. I want a gun that is good enough quality to be used in a match, but it doesn't have to be super fancy. I don't want a shotgun, at least not right now. I'd prefer a rifle or assault rifle. All suggestions and opinions are appreciated.
  11. what's up, guys? I am a big gamer, as you can tell, and a global moderator at Nintendo Fan Forum. I used to play paintball, but lately me and my friends have discussed switching to airsoft and I've come here for advice. We can get to that in the proper thread in the proper section. If you feel like, head over and like my facebook page:http://www.facebook.com/SGC64
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