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  1. Hey guys. On the airsoft subforum I frequent, someone brought up the fact the WE said they look into producing a gun when they receive many requests for the said gun. So we came up with the bright idea of putting together a list of pistols and SMGs for suggestion. My advice is to write your own letter about these suggestions but I will provide a copypasta for those less inclined to help your fellow airsofter. I ask that you go to this link and type up a short letter to WE about how you want these pistols or SMGs and pick like the three that appeal to you most from each list or even add your own! Here's the Copypasta And here is the list of guns I composed from just Facepunch. We're a bit more warsaw pact oriented when it comes to guns, just warning you. Pistols: Makarov Tokarev OTs-33 FNP-9/40/45 FNS-9 C-96 MP-443 PSS APS VP-70 Jericho 941 SMGs: PP-2000 Vz. 61 Skorpion Spectre M4 SR-3M Uzi and any variants of PP-19-01 Vityaz PP-90M1 Beretta CX4 Chang Feng Type 05 Carl Gustaf M/45 Please feel free to add to the list or to PM with any questions. We're doing this for the benefit of airsofters everywhere so by all means, do your part. The worst that'll happen is we'll be ignored and the best that'll happen is that we get many many new different guns for fondling and buying. Thanks everyone.
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