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  1. If that 10.5inch barrel is still up for grabs let me know. I want it.
  2. Looking to buy some more mags for my loadout to get ready for the next op I am going to. Looking to get some mid cap mags. Preferably MAG brand or pmags. Capacity of 78 to 130rds. Color is not that big of a deal, would just prefer to have black, FDE, or tan colored mags. Also, if you have magpuls to sell as well that would also be great also in the same colors. Thanks!
  3. Could I get an exact length on that outter barrel please?
  4. Two things. Would you be willing to part out the top receiver of the g36k? And how much for the buffer tube for the g36?
  5. Magpuls and mags still for sale? Pm. Me if so.
  6. That drum mag still up for grabs? Pics?
  7. I have a drop leg tornado holster I could sell ya for about $15 if you wanted. Just let me know.
  8. Looking to get my hands on a C-mag to complete my MG36 LMG. Looking for one that is good price and that will shoot and feed very well. Also looking for a G36K top rail system with a built in 3.5 zoom scope. These are the last two things that I need in order to get my LMG fully operational and OP ready. Please help!!
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