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  1. Well here's my take on things. you can mod any AEG to be semi only, but you are limiting yourself as to what you can do out there. I went with a JG G36e with bipod and turned it into a DMR...of sorts. it can get out to about 200 feet but it still shoots at around 350 fps with a .25. Most AEG's you will encounter...note I said most....won't go but about 140-150 feet max. this gives me a 10-20 foot advantage, while still giving me the freedom to lay into 'em in full auto if I have to because my FPS isn't high enough to warrant an MED of over 75-100 feet. most of the time when you have a big MED, you are limited to semi only. If you want to do something kinda like I did, I can suggest a few guns for you: JG G36e with bipod CYMA M14 or M14 soc16 (shorter model) JG G3 SG1 some sort of AUG maybe If you have any questions please PM me
  2. I can vouch for that. Also, kjw pistols, especially the hicaps, can operate in temps as low as the high 30's. Of courses that is from propane. Co2 mags are better in the cold, but are very prone to leaking. I have two co2 mags....one failed after a month and the other came to me totally leaking. My suggestion.....don't even go with co2 mags.
  3. Sounds like you need to downgrade to your original recoil/hammer spring setup if you can. If that doesn't help, you know one thing....it's not the hammer system. lol. I'd say to turn the hopup all the way off to eliminate the possibility that the bucking is stuck all the way on. sometimes if your bucking is stuck, your gun will jam.....but then you won't get dribbling bbs either.
  4. To add to what RifleWizard said, the only real way you would have any electrical troubles would be if you were to run a very high-drain battery like a lipo in your gun. I do airsoft tech work on my team and let me tell you that I've seen plenty of instances where trigger contacts have been just eaten away by folks who run lipos in guns that aren't ready for that kind of strain. Essentially, using a higher drain battery like a lipo speeds up the entropy process (physics term look it up) and therefore things wear out faster. Same goes for gas guns if you use CO2. I'm no guru on either airsoft system, but I know my way around an AEG. Gas guns? Not so much....lol.
  5. Thanks a heap guys.... It is fixed now. Turns out that the hammer sear WAS worn down. There was actually a spot that was rounded at the tip right where the sear catches the hammer, so the catch point was just sliding right off the sear. I took a small metal file and sharpened that tip to a flat point....not sharp though...just enough to get rid of that rounded off spot. Also did some careful bending of the leaf spring and bada bing bada boom......fully repaired and operational Hi Capa. I was about to give up and just get a KWA USP! I'm glad I didn't because I love my Hicapa! Thanks again guys. Note: the half :censored2: safety doesn't work because the catch on the hammer has worn down completely...but thats fine because I don't use it.
  6. That's what I was thinking. Was thinking about just getting one of these, but as I said before, I don't wanna sink $30 into my pistol and there be a possibility it may not work. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?...oducts_id=10656 And by leaf spring.....which spring are we talking about? It seems like there is a problem with the tension spring that is holding in the valve knocker. Doesn't wanna stay in.
  7. Hey all, I have a KJ Works 1911 tactical hicapa, and here lately it has been acting up. the gun will fire in full auto on occasions and if that's not enough, it only takes a little knock...even a rattle in the holster to actually make it go off on my person. (my face when this happened looked like this... ) this of course is NOT a safe pistol to carry and I was wondering if anyone had any idea of what is going on. I took it apart just now and the disconnect system looks rather worn. Also, the piece that engages the striker valve on the magazine sometimes slips out of its spring....and long story short makes the gun inoperable. I was thinking of just getting a new steel disconnect set, but I don't want to sink 30 bucks into this thing not knowing that will fix it for good. Any thoughts? I'll try to make some pictures soon. Any help ASAP would be greatly appreciated as I miss having my trusty sidearm. =)
  8. Have you thought about maybe some sort of G36? JG makes a real good one. They come in all three variants too,(c, k, e), with the carry handle scope or without. JG's G36 line starts at about $130 and goes up from there. if you do that you'll have plenty left for gear and stuff later on.
  9. ^this: I use King Arms platinum .25's in my gun...either that or Matrix .25's. These two have a really smooth finish. The KA ones so much so that you can hardly hold on to 'em!
  10. I would honestly go with a JG G36c or K if you're looking for a CQB rifle. throw in an M110 spring or lower and a high speed motor/shim job and you've got yourself an ROF beast but not with enough FPS to hurt someone at CQB distances. JG G36 internals can handle up to an M120 spring, and the gearbox can handle up to an M130-40. However if you're looking for a bullpup config, I'd go with an AUG to be honest. Reloading a P90 is tough...but even tougher in a firefight. AUG's are fairly small for their barrel size. AUG's are about the same size as a G36k, but with twice the barrel length. You'll need to tune the FPS down to your CQB field's limits thought because most AUG's shoot at field levels out of the box. Try this one.... http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ERM-JG-AUG-448A.htm
  11. That's what I mean by barrel length. It doesn't mean everything, but it does help. Obviously however, there are many ways to skin the proverbial cat. If you wanted to, like lefse has done, you can tune your short-barreled weapon into a DMR just by adding a flat hop and possibly a better spring...but the spring is not too important until you get the consistency down pat. This is yet another reason that Airsmithing and real steel gunsmithing are almost unrelated when it comes to internals. To answer your question, yes....DMR's are made to outrange most AEG's on the field. You are on the right track. Now....what platform will it be? THAT is the hard part right there. Personally I wanted to go with an M14 or SOC-16, but I already had tons of spare parts and magazines for a G36, so I stuck with that platform and used a G36e. Had I wanted to spend a little more time (and money), I would've picked the M14 hands down....but my wallet and extra time only go so far. I literally spent hours and hours tuning my G36 into what it is now. Can't tell you how much money I saved by using parts off my old g36c that had broken.
  12. haha...yeah that I do not have. <AT>redraptor I like your G36 DMR setup by the way. I have one myself that I built out of a JG G36E. I'm sure you can find the pictures somewhere on this forum...but if you want I can post it in this thread. Mine's a little more conservative that yours as far as parts go but I think you may like it.
  13. I totally agree. &lt;AT&gt; IronJaw: Now I know you said that you want to make yourself a DMR.....however the guns you are looking at need bigger barrels in order to be even considered as a DMR platform. In order to have great accuracy and range, you need a large® barrel, but most importantly, a great hopup unit and a good battery. You would be amazed at how well a lower FPS gun can outrange a higher velocity gun just because it has the right type of front end for the job it is doing. Right now, the way I play, I have created a DMR weapon out of a JG G36E (not the C or K), that clocks in at just under the limits for weapons that can fire full auto and semi. Doing this cost me about $350 when it was all said and done. I can still reach out and touch someone from about 220 feet (obviously it would be better if it were a BASR), but I can still engage at standard rifleman distances. The reason behind this is that I have an SCS nub installed into my hopup unit with a stock bucking and a madbull tightbore inner barrel that is 509 x 6.03 mm in size. I find that I don't need much more range than that, as most players I encounter have their rounds drop 50 feet in front of me....then I just take them out. In airsoft, 220 feet is on the lower end of long range and the higher end of medium range. Most AEG's won't go but about 120-150 feet. So you see, It's more about the way you play that warrants what type of upgrades you want to do. Do I want more FPS? sure! Do I want the responsibility of a 50 foot MED? No....as an ex-airsoft sniper, a 100 foot med was enough for me to deal with. Besides...having a gun with an M120 is enough for me.
  14. Nice! Where did you find that IDZ stock for the G36? I wish I could find one for mine...but it's an AEG so my choices are kinda limited.
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