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  1. hello airsofters I have a question about the ASG G18c. Does any one know if there are any upgrades for this gun? Please leave a reply. Thank you, Stefan
  2. stil have it? send me an email: stefa54<AT>live.nl and send me a pm. Thanks
  3. Finally airsoft is legal in the netherlands! So I want to buy an airsoft. do you still have the: Tokyo Marui M9 Tac Master $140 OBO ? I am interested buying it for 145 with shipping to the netherlands. Thanks
  4. hey Im interrested in your Slightly used Tokyo Marui m9 tactical master, with Discontinued G&G m9 slide. Do you still have it? and can I have your email adress? Its easier. thanks
  5. I live in europe, and I cant order from sites.
  6. hello, I am Stefan and I am 15 years old. I want to buy an new GBB pistol, I am going to sell my jing gong mp5 navy a2. With that money I want to buy an new GBB pistol. I live in europe, and we have not much airsoft shops here. So here I got some GBB that I might wanna get. -WE 1911 MEU -KJW m9 vertec full metal or if it is really better, than one of these: -Sig Sauer P229 KJW -Sig Sauer SP2022 Gaz KWA -cybergun Sig Sauer X-Five which one of these will be the best to get? it is for indoor shooting. Thank you, Stefan
  7. thank you guys! bud I don't like co2.. Maybe its a good idea to buy an upgraded recoil spring or something? Thank you, Stefan Ps: Does any one know were to buy an threaded barrel for it?
  8. I think I am going to buy an kjw m9. I have an kwc co2 desert eagle at the moment, bud I am going to sell it. And does anyone know how I can get much more recoil on the kjw m9? Thank you, stefan
  9. I am wondering if I should buy this gun. I don't know much about airsofts. also I can not find much information about it. here is a link to the product http://airsoft-belgium.com/en/blowback/3171-3171.html
  10. hmm are there still chrome metal kits for the Marui desert eagle? And if there are chrome kits for it, how much would an black metal kit with trademarks cost for the Marui? and my last question, Which of them got the most recoil? thank you
  11. Hello, My name is Stefan. I don't like the aiming sights of the Tokyo Marui Desert eagle, So I was wondering if there were any upgrades for it. Like night sights or white dot sights. Please respond
  12. Hello, Were can I get an Metal Chrome or silver colour kit for the Tokyo Marui Desert Eagle? Some one please tell me. thank you Stefan
  13. hey man were I live the tokyo marui one is cheaper than the kwc one, so that is no problem. I really like the feel of an metal pistol. What is the best metal kit for an Tokyo Marui desert eagle? Thanks
  14. Hello. I am still thinking about what gbb pistol to get. Now I am thinking about an Kwc Desert eagle co2 (full auto) or an Tokyo Marui Desert eagle. I really like much recoil. Does any one know which one has got the most blowback? And if you compare them, Which one would be the best (out of the box, non upgraded) Thank you, Stefan ps I am shooting inhouse
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