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  1. I would just get a gbb or a small stockless m4 with a 4inch barrel. I live in Ohio and I use both my gas pistols more then six months out of the year. My general theory is when it is above 50 I use it which it is quite often here even in the winter. Or get a really small aeg like an mp5k or the tyype of m4 I mentioned as they work year round and use full gearboxes so it will be better then an aep but it will be larger and mags take more space.
  2. As everyone has already stated you handled it better than I expect from new players based on experience getting shot point blank by kids with 500fps co2 guns after I safety killed them. He way overreacted the only time I have seen a similar reaction at my field got him a ban for life. This is something we have all come to expect to happen when breaching buildings. At my field what you did is actually legal as we play safety kill if you are less than 25 feet or less and they are unaware of your presence then optional surrenders or shoot if they know you are there and since you were aware of each other we would of had a firefight. Although I would use semi next time you are in close range of each other. But nice job on being the bigger man and walking away
  3. Well for a scar-h vfc is your only option if your buying in America because the echo 1 was discontinued shortly after being released because cybergun sued them, I only foun one site that has classic army scar-hs and they've been out of stock for along time like its discontinued and I haven't seen any g&g scar-hs
  4. Shorty USA is a store so just realize they are going to try and make the guns seem amazing and rarley show or mention serious issues to get you to buy it
  5. If you wait Madbull is coming out with a Keltec Shotgun no details yet all they have done is announce that they got permission to
  6. Ok so as the title states it is time for me to get a new gun. I have been trying to decide what gun to get for the past couple of months with little sucess. I have been able to narrrow it down to three options. And now I am asking any of you with experience with these guns or similar ones from the same company for any help or info on them. Option number 1 g&p sr15 URX http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=39796 Option number two Elite Force (vfc) 4crs http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=38527 Option number three vfc mk18 mod 0 http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=39697 Any help is much appreciated thanks
  7. I would recomend the echo 1 ASR https://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=32805 it is only 115 for the gun which comes with 3 22 or 27 round mags I forget which and a qd bipod then I have 45 dollar scope mine is completely stock and I have mad 250 foot shots just use .4s in it adjust the hop and sight in the scope it will fit you budget and far outperform anything else in it
  8. the three are pretty much all the same I would take the sr
  9. First the kwa kriss comes out in september second the Kwa sr10 fits everything you want when run on a 9.6 it will do close to 20 rps and if you run on an 11.1 lipo about 25rps it does 400 fps out of the box it has 14mm ccw threads to add a mock suppressor and you can add a mosfet
  10. http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=30406 thats a m468 stock I airsoft and by a better company no aftermarket parts needed
  11. either get the cyma one or the galaxy DO NOT GET THE DUAL POWER OR THE CHEAP ONE they are both poor quality will have terrible performance and will break far quicker I personally would go with cyma but thats because I have experience with their aks wich held up great so I would assume their mp5s are on par with those but not sure on that and I don't have experience with a stock galaxy mp5
  12. Hello I am looking to replace my KWA. My budget is about $400 give or take a few dollars. I am debating between three guns but suggestions are accepted. I just require it uses standard m4/m16 mags. The guns I've narrowed it down to are the E1 xcr, the Elite force 4crs and a g&p evike custom m4 with a daniel defense mk12 rail attached and deans connectors thanks for any help.
  13. Actually Polar star fusion engines are powered by an hpa system similar to paintball with a custom gas engine that is similar dimensions to a version 2 gearbox and it will provide more firepower than an aeg because it uses standard electric gun mags so mid caps and high caps but uses gas it does need a small battery to run the fire control unit which allows you to change anything from the amount of pressure your sending in to dwell time to rate of fire and you can change fps simply by changing air nozzles it uses standard aeg hop ups and barrels also it should be significantly cheaper seeing as a fully assembled gun is $615 then an air rig is about $200 then just a $50 air tank so total you are looking at about $850-$900 Also you can find them at just about any big airsoft stoore llike evike or airsoftgi
  14. It is a bit of both but it isnt terrible just when you start running out of gas or using the entire mag quickly many times in a row it starts to hold less gas this is normal for gas guns if you just give it enough time to warm back up it will be fine it just won't fire an entire mag
  15. http://www.airsoftoutletnw.com/index.php?o...&Itemid=218 That may help some it is an article comparing the three most common gas P226s the KWA KJW and WE I personally would go with the KWA their gas pistols aare amazing
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