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  1. Besides being heavier does Metal have an advantage over plastic guns? Possibly one jams or breaks more often?
  2. Well that should be enough. For the future if I wanted to get more range what FPS would I need for longer range? Thanks BTW. I like experts , hence coming here.
  3. I'm gonna buy some spring airsoft handguns soon. I just want it for shooting range type events I do if I have a get together. Some people like darts or pool, but I want something alittle different. Some fun contest for everyone where we try to get best shot on a paper target 20 or so feet away. All I want to know as a newbie is how do you determine how far a airsoft gun BB will travel for pistols with the FPS of 220, 200, & 180. Also does it have enough power to put a hole through paper targets without tearing the entire sheet? Plan on making a homemade target that I print off google images. Any info about type of BBs would be cool to?
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