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  1. Hey everyone so I have 2 8.4v Ni-MH batteries. One of them is a nunchuck / butterfly style for the crane stock and another is just a small dynamite shaped one. Well I have 2 guns, a Well MP5A5 and an AGM 614. When I connected the dynamite shaped battery into my Mp5, everything was good and smooth but when I connected that same battery to the AGM 614, it would fire about a couple times and then basically act dead. The sounds the gun would make are like hard clicking noises. I tried the crane stock battery into my MP5, everything was good, tried that into my AGM 614 and everything was good as well. What is the explanation for one of my batteries not working in only one of my guns? Thanks for the help guys
  2. Okay I think I have it where I want it now, but now I have another problem... My rate of fire is fairly slow. Slower than any of the guns I've had. I've read online on reasons for this.. poor shimming/motor requires more energy?/spring is too strong(shoots about 400+ fps)
  3. I'm fairly new to airsofting, about 1/2 a year into it. So I have basically close to none knowledge on how to work on gearboxes.
  4. Thanks for answering my questions! Anyways, if my motor height isn't where it should EXACTLY be, will this ruin my gears in my gearbox?
  5. WOW I'm so freaking dumb. Airsoft Newbie here. Anyways... It was my battery along with the height of the motor.The battery I was test fire with (8.4 v ni-mh) was dead. Anyways, I have another problem... is it my gun or something but I have an MP5. I hooked up a 7.2v Ni-CD to my mp5 and it fired somewhat fine but when I switched it to my agm 614, the gun would not fire at all. The stock 8.4 (not charged all the way) that the gun came with fires somewhat ok in it aswell. But the ROF on my Mp5 compared to the ROF on the agm is different, the AGM shoots slower than the WELL MP5. One more thing, how do I know which sound is perfect when I adjust my motor? Thanks a lot for the help.
  6. Hey everyone I have an AGM 416. Somethings wrong with my motor height Im thinking. I just cant find that solid spot for the adjustment to where the gun gets a normal sound to shoot. Either the sound is very terrible, (are my gears grinding :(?) or it just sounds like a click. Help me out please!
  7. There is an AGM full metal that I have my sights on... but I kind of want a little more feedback on it. Is it worth upgrading and such?
  8. I see in your sig you have a JG 416, any feedback on that particular gun? I'm looking on buying an AGM vs a JG "614"
  9. Hey everyone, I'm looking for an HK416 ALL METAL, but I'm on a budget and spending less than $250. I feel like this should be on the "which gun I should get" area of the forum but I just want some feedback on which brands last longer/more reliable. The ones I see so far on my budget are d-boys, jg, and agm but for some reason I cannot find the AGM all metal at all. Anyways.. Is dboys a reliable brand for this type of gun?
  10. For under $200... I've seen Echo1 Stag Arms M16 DMRs around. I have this gun, didn't bother to upgrade it though. But its up to you if you want. My only problem with this gun is the loose RIS and loose front sight. Barrel wobbles too sometimes. It's pretty good stock in my opinion though.
  11. Hey everyone I'm new to these boards. I have a problem with an echo1 stag arms m16 dmr that I bought from a friend. The RIS is extremely loose, along with the barrel. Also, the front sight is extremely loose to the point where I can basically turn it around 360 degrees. I have no idea what is causing this problem but its annoying me. I'm fairly new to airsoft as well so I'm not very good at being a handy man when it comes to these things. Suggestions for fixes anyone?
  12. Hey guys, I'm new to the board. I am having trouble deciding which MP5 I should get. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=4461 $186 or http://www.airsplat.com/Items/ER-ICS-MP5SD5-1.htm $199 I like full butt stocks because of the battery compartment. It'd be nice to post reasons why and such. Thanks. Either model is "attractive" to me
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