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  1. You live in new york Of course you had trouble they aren't that lax with shipping.
  2. Looks nice! Almost got a crosman battery powerd one.... But the mp5 with isnt 46 rounds a mid cap clip? Took my interest since I usually am in awkward situations such as being left in charge of the only cover on the field with bbs flying everywhere around me plus there is a double drum mag.....
  3. Too true dmitri we also call them gamers.
  4. My current airsoft gun is the only one I'll have for like years :( Unless my friend with the rich grandfather comes through........ A HK mp5 navy dual power. The thing is mid level because of the types of internals I got with it and really decent but I have only 1 low cap mag (speed reloading in teh heat) I am planning on getting more mags but my mom is annoying saying "YOU BOUGHT LIKE A 15O TO 200 DOLLAR WORTH GUN AND YOU THINK YOU CAN SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY ON A FREAKING MAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!" type of thing and living in a small town with all my birthday and christmas money going to my bank account or my parents my dad's being nice is the only reason I have a laptop or airsoft gun.
  5. I have no freakin idea! You got yourself in 1 big pickle.
  6. HK since they are teh same but the hk is cheaper and umarex is partnerd with hk the real maker of the gun therefore with teh logo therefore making it awesomer since they are the same.
  7. The military for a fact DOES. Trying to make a link but internet is being a terd. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_Inte...gagement_System
  8. This guy is right. Though propane powerd? I have heard of em and seen a couple but how do they well work?
  9. There is a highway over a paintball field near me. Can't imagine the lulz of a stray paintball hitting a car! But a bb gosh different story with the chip in the windshield. The lawsuits.
  10. Airsoft would still be around. People won't shoot eachother for fun. Plus irl during training the military play what I call "laser tag" with real guns blanks and a laser system that tracks the realistic range and path. My dad has some fun storys of people freaking out during them.
  11. blow backs waste battery, co2 etc etc.
  12. Try to spy on enemys radio waves with the radio ever? Well you pick their signal up quite a bit. Oh and ever mess around with old walky talkys and an old tv? Well old tvs used to work from radio waves........ Anyways I am trying to fix my mp3 player so I can at least practice at picking up enemy radio waves.
  13. She's a beauty. Yeah TM's, HK's, and some others are pretty much indestructible heck my mp5 got water dumped all over it the first day I got it from a really windy day and it went into the batterys I picked it up wiped it off quickly with my shirt (just in case being batterys and all) then I shot it and it worked perfectly. It also has been blown off a high poarch (like 15-20 feet) and didn't even freaking dent that was 15 mintues after the water btw. Plus it measured over the advertised fps I consider myself blessed for having a better than advertised gun. I could have gotten an mp7 but blugh not good for my kind of combat situations. Anyways bottom line is you got a nice gun I'd keep it bro.
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