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  1. Does anyone know whether tanaka rifles are 1:1 true dimension to their real steel counterpart? I've heard their 870 shotguns are pretty much an exact copy to the real thing. I'm especially curious about the profile of the action and the barrel, partly because I want to install a real stock to which ever model I am buying and I hope it will drops straight in without much to work on, provided the real steel stock matches the remington short action (duh). It's also good to know the gun is a true dimension replica (unlike many marui AEGs for example), which to me it's a huge plus. If it's a remington model that I'm after, I would get a MARS rail or something alike. I suppose the RS version of the MARS rail should fit in if the tanaka is a 1:1 replica?
  2. Yeah I'm only looking to buy the G&P with trademarks. AG is listed out of stock, but I will send them an email anyway. Does anyone know where else I should try?
  3. Anyone know where to buy them? I'm looking for the SFA kit, preferably the LA vickers custom.
  4. Hi, I have been looking for the G&P SR25 suppressor. Does anyone know where still stock them?
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