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  1. crazyypilot

    WTS WE Hi Capa Mags

    intrested in all 3 small ones
  2. crazyypilot

    WTS WE Hi Capa Mags

    will these work with a 4.3?
  3. good because I know these origionally ran hfc134a with is hard to find now. and from videos it looks like u slide the slide back and push the slide lock out. does the slide lock still hold the slide back with the half pull slide mod. if not it needs to line up with the first notch it looks more round for the slide to come off. hi capas are built like a 1911 just lok a little diffrent and I own a real 1911 with a slide just liek the one here a kimber
  4. with the upgraded compensator in the hi capa how do you disasemble it for cleaning and oil. and will it work on green gas. if not what does it run on and where can I get it. I get paid friday from working a lot of OT and am really considering buying this
  5. crazyypilot

    WTS/WTT Seagullman's Exotic Airsoft Guns!

    What comes with the tm 4.3? Any of original parts magazine?
  6. crazyypilot

    FS: WE KAC PDW and Two KSC G26c's

    Is the g26c price for each or both and do they function and mags not leak?
  7. crazyypilot

    Quitting Airsoft Sale! Everything must go!

    Do you have pics of the drozd bb gun? And price on it
  8. Are the emags still available and can I get a pic.of an individual mag
  9. crazyypilot

    UPDATED* Piggy's 10 Year Sale Thread

    Is the sure fire grip replica led?
  10. crazyypilot

    Cleaning out the last of my stuff

    Do you still have all 4 mags and the serpa for the kimber 1911
  11. crazyypilot

    Cleaning out the last of my stuff

    Pm on kimber sent