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  1. I guess you could say I'm sort of new here, only posted like 5 times. I just want to know whose my friends here, whose my enemies. Usually on airsoft forums I gain enemies right away from the people who have seen my videos. So I just want to make sure I know whose cool and who to steer clear of while I enjoy my visit on these forums! :D thanks! ;) Mayte!
  2. hmmm is there an option to sort out the guns from the accesories? That would be really useful! :P I use craigslist and Evike, usually get the cheapest prices especially with coupon codes mayte! ;) http://www.youtube.com/whatareyoubuyen
  3. you can get the A&K version of the ACR, its almost exactly the same as the Magpul version, and its freaking beautiful!!! T - T or you can get, well heres the thing, if you want to spend a little extra now on a high end gun, you will most likely never buy a new gun for a very long time! ;) and also you'll be spending a lot more money, upgrading, scopes, rail covers, grips and stuff, on your sexy beautiful gun instead! Its always an embarasment to have a scope on your gun, that costs more than your gun! XD if you do spend more, I HIGLY HIGHLY recomend this Kwa Sr10
  4. Fps doesn't matter, ALL AEG's should be around 330 - 400 fps, its just a general fps and having higher fps doesn't mean anything. My Magpul Acr shoots 360 fps and it works beautifuly on field and cqb! :P go for the KWA cqb series, you'll never be able to get a kwa for such a cheap price! XD you can always upgrade from there in the future if you desire.. Also consider the Evike MAtrix M4s, they have good internals. IF all else fails, go for JG, but JG would honestly be my last choice
  5. I woudl get the Trishot stay away from the crappy clones because the metal near the pump breaks so fast! I don't understand how they could possibly sell something so cheaply made... the trishot is nice, but also stay away from the adjustable stock one, like what we have in this video: because the stock gets really wobbly and you need a super duper long screw driver to screw it in.. like a foot long just to reach the screw inside the metal pipe..
  6. Good choice mayte! ;) I love my Mp7 and have had very few problems in it... I say few because I use propane instead of green gas.. stinky, and you have to lubricate the gun a lot when you use propane, a LOT this is my review! ;)
  7. pretty much ALL dboy guns are the same on the inside, with the Dboys PDW being one of their best guns, but I think dboy is a good beginner gun, because its full metal, and a lot of airsofters go into it for the guns and realism more than the sport... so if you have a realistic gun, thats a plus going into the sport ;) thats what I think anyways Here's the Dboys S-System, like the one in Call of Duty for most people :P
  8. a lot of people (little kids) always ask on my airsoft videos "WHATS THE FPS? IS IT OVER 400?!" yeah true FPS isn't such a big factor when it comes to choosing or modding a gun, there are certain fps recommendations that generally work, AEG's normally stay around the 350 - 420 fps range, snipers 400+ and pistols around 360 is good enough... That being said increasing the barrel length also increases the fps which will also increase your range. (not by much but still make it more accurate :P Having a good motor, and nice smooth gear box and sweet battery and gun build are important as well! And companies like to use FPS as a way to attract Newbies to buy their guns. People thinking that an AEG that shoots 400+ must be good since NO COMPANY WOULD PUT AN OVERPOWERED SPRING IN THEIR LESS THAT CAPABLE GEAR BOX! hahah same goes for full metal as a way for companies to sell crappy AEGs...
  9. Well if they removed airsoft from target, walmart, ect... then wouldnt that also give them leverage to say "Hey! WE removed airsoft from walmart and look at how must better the little kids are now, why not ban airsoft all together? Because a few kids are still getting guns from the internet" personally I think that there is NO THREAT to airsoft. We live in the united states where a protest can change the laws. But what about all the marijuana legalization protests? The difference between a marijuana legalization protest and an Airsoft protest, is that Airsoft is backed up by HUGE companies with very large prints on the economy, especially in southern california. And Marijuana will be legal within the next 10 years anyways because our government will give in to our economical needs more than "moral" needs. Same with airsoft, only airsoft is making a bigger dent in the economy So I say airsoft has a future, and we will still find a way to get airsoft guns anyways even if it was "banned" and its already like how almost everyone takes off the orange tips on our guns too
  10. yeah they got airsofting only on the weekends though! They open at like 8 I think and close at 4PM then they re open at 5PM for the night games
  11. When we went a few weeks ago our Sniper was shooting hot at almost 400fps with .43 gram bb's haha there's a video that plays with all the rules and stuff 400 is the limit for AEGS and other automatic guns but I think if your Sniper shoots a little over 400 fps you'll still be good the only rule I remember about snipers is it has to be bolt action
  12. For all our subscribers and potential future fans? http://www.youtube.com/user/WhatAreYouBuyen We will be at SC Village this sunday (Sunday, July 22 at 5PM for the night games) ummm maybe we'll give out some free stuff to our subscribers??? who knows its a surprise.... This is the first time we've actually announced going to any airsoft fields, before we used to go and a few fans here and there would be all like "Hey you're those guys from youtube and blah blah blah" Anyways, hope to see you guys out there! - What Are You Buyen? Mayte!
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