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  1. "I may have the handguard from my old BE SL8 packed away somewhere. I will take a look for it this weekend." Ok, cool. I bought a painted "Long" type fore-grip on Ebay. I expect that I should be able to strip it with some Simple-Green, or sand the paint off. (Which I have experience doing). If that doesn't work, it's back to the drawing board!
  2. Well, I got the gun. And I found out that there are several lengths of Foregrips. So the JK G36 had the "standard" medium grip, and is thus slightly too short.... Back to the drawing board... I guess I'll just have to keep looking... Not cool...
  3. Yeah, I ended up using some super glue as well. "if you break down and decide your only option is to get that second g36, you should browse for sale adds and ebay used & put up a wtb thread here to see if you can get what you need for cheaper." I ended up getting a JK G36 off ebay. It was ~$80, but that's a lot better than the ~$100 MATRIX G36k hand-guard/front barrel kit that I was looking at (Which was still "not in stock"). "if you havent swapped out the stock spring or piston, id watch out for that piston. I swapped mine out for a CA yellow piston. I didnt like the way the inside of the stock piston was almost the same width as the spring. it caused the stock piston to get jammed on it a couple times so I just immediately switched it for a good piston with more room inside it in comparison to the stock spring" Ok, thanks, I'll look into that!
  4. "why no more e1's? I really like my mtc3. I only have a few upgrades in it which it honestly didnt need. mine performed amazingly out of the box. I love the cut out rail design. I have an action k style carry handle with built in scope on minewhy no more e1's? I really like my mtc3. I only have a few upgrades in it which it honestly didnt need. mine performed amazingly out of the box. I love the cut out rail design. I have an action k style carry handle with built in scope on mine" Cool, I'm glad you've had a good experience! The first day I took it on the field the mag pin fell out! The next time I used it the strap/retention pin fell out. (I only used it twice) I couldn't put a Magpul AFG on the bottom rail, due to the rail being off spec. (Once side was 2-3cm fatter that the other.) I e-mailed the E1 tech, and he said that the Magpul AFG was off spec! (I had been using the AFG on my G&G guns for a while.) I sent him a picture showing the rail with a ruler, etc., and he still said that it was still the AFG's fault! Anyway, it's just a personal distaste, I wouldn't stop anyone from buying from them. "you might have an easier time of finding a longer g36 rail kit than a handguard. a long inner barrel isnt absolutely neccesary for a dmr. you could just get a longer one than it came with and use a silencer to cover it. maybe an m4 length. just get a decent quality tb barrel if you havent already. " I understand the technical aspect of accuracy over longer ranges having nothing to do with the length of the barrel. But the main point of the thread was the help me find a "long" type G36 forgrip. I've Googled, looked up Evike and Airesoft GI, etc. I was hoping that someone might know of a small Airsoft supplier that had hard-to-get kits/ parts. Or knew where they /did/ sell G36 rail systems.
  5. So I got an Echo 1 MTC 3 to upgrade to a SL8 DMR. (No more Echo 1s for me) Much to my chagrin, it wasn't as easy to find all the proper parts.... So far I have tuned the internals up and have bought the unique top-rail (From China). But I can't seem to find a G36k "long" front hand-guard or front conversion kit that's in stock. Anyone have any suggestions, short of buying a whole new G36k and ripping the front off it? (Not that that would be a total lose. I could still get a much easier to find"short" G36 front kit.) Any thoughts?
  6. Thanks for the quick replys! I'll read up on Hunterseaker5's self promoting link! (FYI the MTC3 only has two screw holes on the gun. If they are the same spacing as a G36 rail? I don't know.)
  7. (With no prior experience upgrading Airsoft guns, I'm sorta' going into this blind. Please be patient with my lack of knowledge!) So I have an MTC 3 I want to convert to a DMR. I'm a little disappointing that the stock barrel was so short (inner-barrel is advertised at 247mm), but had assumed I had to extend the barrel when I bought it anyway. (Which I had planned on doing first thing). The length of the inner barrel defines how long the Mock suppressors and barrel extensions should be. (Right?) So I would need: 1) Inner barrel 2) Barrel extension 3) Mock Suppressor 4) Longer hand guard (The stock MTC3's hand guard is way to short to look practical) What's the inner barrel length that I should "shoot" for? I look forward to upgrading to high-torque gears, and getting a stronger spring in the future, but I'll do all that research when I come to it. (Though, advice and recommendations are well appreciated) " The MTC3 internal specs: "Version 3 Gearbox", "short motor", "M110" spring, "3 Gear System / Standard", and "Plastic 1pc Hop Up with Madbull Bucking." (All Russian to me) I talked to a guy about switching to top rail out, and he said that "regular" G36 top-rails wouldn't fit... Something about patented tech. Where does that leave me? Is it just a Top-Rail thing, or do all G36 externals not-fit? (So much for the "most customization sniper platform") I talked to an Echo1 rep, and he pretty much said something about most people not having roto-zip tools, and drilling holes. (I have to tools, but I hate to spend the money on a top-rail that I would immediately have to take a power tool to, to get it ta' fit. I guess that's just tha' way t goes?) (On a side note, not only is the bottom rail miss shaped [My Magpul AFG won't fit], but the mag pin keeps falling out. I've only played with the gun once and the pin fell out in the field! I found it, but is there a way to keep it in, short of duck-tapeing it in? I'm sorta' disappointing with the whole experience, [my G&G CM16-L doesn't have any problems....] but I hope that I can get over all the issues and enjoy my gun...) Thanks for y'alls time! IJ
  8. With a little more reading: An ideal DMR would have a tight, long, barrel; high-torque motor with high-torque gears; upgraded spring; and upgraded hop-up system. Shooting heavier .25+ BBs. A Basic pre-upgarded rifle would be around $200, plus another $100+ in upgrades. Not to mention the scope, mags, bi-pod, etc.
  9. True. So, after reading what everyone is saying, a DMRifle is any gun that is tweaked to outdistance most standard guns. It can really be based on anything, but the range and accuracy is achieved through upgrades and TLC. While there are many ways to achieve rang and accuracy, the key point is consistency.
  10. I've been reading up on DMRs, and the like: http://www.airsoft-obsessed.com/DMR.html
  11. Ok, I see what you mean. I had imagined a DMR to be an AEG that was tuned/focused more on accuracy and consistency. I see that that would be achieved through upgrades and tuning. If it was something I said, I meant "longer barrels."
  12. Ok, I see where you are going, and what you mean. I would need a gun more like this: http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=31855 (See, I'm already re-reading my first post, and cringing at my naivety. Keep the info coming!)
  13. Ok, thanks for the replies. Obviously I'm going to need to to even more research, but I have this page book-marked, and plan on referencing it. So, a "good" DMR is going to run a good bit over $200 when everything is said and done. I guess the best way to go about this would be to upgrade in the future. So gun choice would depend on future projected upgrades. The wood games I play are not very big/ organized. Getting a super-suped-up DMR would be slight over kill, and the above thought about being content with an un-upgraded gun now, and invest the extra money in it for later, would seem to be the wisest thing to do. I still await more comments/ suggestions/ thoughts from you all. ;) *edit* While all of the Airsoft guns I have bought so far (for my family) have been cheap(er) guns, I have learned a lot in the process of researching, buying, getting, prepping, playing, etc. with them.
  14. Hey, I'm looking for a Designated Marksman AEG for under $200 (Including scopes, grips, extra mags, etc.). I would like to fill a Designated Marksman roll, as it seems to be a blend of Sniper and Rifleman. My personal opinion is accuracy over rate of fire. I really like the tactics, skill, and mindset of sniper warfare, but, while I love my bolt-action rifle, I would really like to get something that's a little more flexible/useful for varied games and environments, and against enemy higher-end weaponry. I mainly like to play in wooded environments, but I plan on playing more CQB games in the future. My two choices are: G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider CQB: ($150) http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?cPat...oducts_id=34583 JG M4 Tactical-System V.II: ($145) http://www.evike.com/product_info.php?products_id=36987 I've had my eye on the G&G Combat Machine 16 Raider for a while, I really like the way to looks and it would seems to work better as a CQB gun. The JG M4 Tac-Sys seems more what I would want for the DM role I like. The longer barrel seems to imply better accuracy/range, and the rail/sight set up seems to lend its self better to scope mounting. So, that's what I have from my research. I have to admit I really only focused on price first, followed by looks. I don't like standard M4s, M16s, G36s, or AK47s. They seem to cliche to me. I like Rails. Lots of Rails. I, honestly, don't know much about upgrading guns and the like, and I don't mind putting Performance over Preference: so any veteran comments, better suggestions, and/or article links are greatly appreciated! I'm not afraid to read and learn from you experienced players. ;) I really appreciate the community here, I've been lurking for a while and enjoy reading the great the stuff that come out of here! Keep it up.
  15. *Edit* Wrong Board/Forum! But "Hi" anyway. ;) IJ
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