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  1. I ordered from a website called "egoairsoft.com" on July 16th. Currently, my order is still "processing". They won't reply to ANY of my numerous e-mails. Anyone else ever ordered from this POS website? Did you have similar problems?
  2. Ahh, ok. Any suggestions for a good hop up system?
  3. Ahhh, I see. Alright, I guess I'll keep it the same if the performance upgrade is that minimal! By the way, I wanted to get a longer barrel because I mostly play outdoors and I wanted to increase my effective range.
  4. Yes, you should stay away from refurbished guns. Always. Plus, don't get the JG dragon star, people WILL laugh at you! You should go with a JG M4, I think they have ones that shoot below 350 for relatively cheap
  5. There's a stickied topic on here somewhere about how FPS doesn't matter. I've seen people with 300 FPS guns reach out and touch targets more effectively than 500 FPS guns. It's a combination of your hop up, BBs, and spring.
  6. I have a Dboys M4 CASV. Don't laugh, it's MUCH better than it sounds. Anyway, I want to upgrade the inner barrel. This being my first time, I need some advice. I have a 110mm suppressor currently attached to it and the barrel length is 14.5 inches. That's 368.3 mm. So I am looking for a barrel that about 460-470 mm. Any advice on brand? Or on the diameter? 6.1, 6.2, 6.3 and all that. I'll drop 50 bucks on it, no more.
  7. Since you bought it yesterday, you should give it a LITTLE bit more time before you start recommending it! :P Anyway, go with the Dboys. Their externals are always fantastic. With a little tweaking, their internals are great as well.
  8. Galil or FAL. Feel great in your hands and look sexy.
  9. Most people have 3-4 batteries. Plus, they each last about 3-4 hours. So unless you're dreadfully unprepared or have the worst luck known to man, your AEG shouldn't usually cut out in battle. Even if it does, this isn't war, you can sprint back to the staging area, make a quick change, and be on your way. Don't discount AEGs. Get the right spring and battery, you could have an AEG tearing the field up exactly how you want it. I don't think that's in your price range however. You should just save up more money.
  11. Ah man, I WISH we had some woodland environment near me. While I think desert camo is the sexiest looking :P The weather and terrain change would be amazing. Anyway, good luck with finishing your loadout!
  12. What are the best fields to hit up in the Glendale/Phoenix area?
  13. I didn't know everyone could purchase their own gear, that's pretty chill actually. And I know what you mean about the "multicam fad". I live in Arizona and my terrain is HARSH, HOT desert. It's pretty much Afghanistan out here haha and I think AOR1 and A-TACs are MUCH better options. DCUs fare better as well. Multicam is a little too dark to blend in well.
  14. The greatest weapon you have has no safety and needs no ammo. It's your brain! A smart man with a 20 dollar springer can destroy a dumb man with a Systema PTW. While it may seem like an exaggeration, it isn't. If they're trying to find each other, they both stand a fair chance if they choose to out think theur opponent. While people may talk to you about "marksmanship", let's be honest, There is no REAL marksmanship in airsoft. We just send a high volume of shots towards our target. DO learn to shoot with both hands though, that's CRUCIAL. You will be more versatile and will be able to utilize cover much more effectively. When it comes down to it, however, make sure you use your brain to enable you to be in a position where you can actually take and return fire without getting pinned. It is RIDICULOUSLY easy to get pinned in airsoft considering the high ROF and unrealistic amount of shot output per player. What the second guy said is probably your best bet for getting better. Learn stance and shooting with both hands. Also, make NO mistake, airsoft is first and foremost about tactics and out thinking your opponent, then comes aim. They're not far apart, but tactics do come first. With all that being said, I would still take the Systema and couple it with great tactics ;)
  15. It's really a hipster thing down here :P Check out "Fort Adobe Paintball". GREAT staff, friendly, knowledgeable and they'll grab their guns and jump in when the teams need evening!
  16. I was going to ask if you meant "SF" in the general way most people use it, you know, to encompass ALL SOF guys, but your name is ODA417, so I'm sure you know your stuff :P Anyway, it looks great to me. From all the pictures I've seen, they seem to use DCUs with a mix of OD and tan/coyote brown. The only help I can give is....good job with the coloring! Personally, I'm not a believer in impression loadouts unless it's for reenactments or milsim, but to each his own! I think honestly, you could use any reputable gear maker that the US military uses to imitate a SF loadout. A lot of people claim that "they use this" or "they don't use that" but I think they rate a certain amount of freedom that grunts will never see. I mean, I'm sure there are guys rocking plate carriers while their friends are going with chest rigs. The bottom line is, we may never know!
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