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  1. Thank you. AEG is expensive, but from what you guys are telling me it seems worth it.
  2. I meant there is like 6 M14's on airsoftgi. Also what is hunterseeker5's website? The M14 as an AEG. It can have a scope, bipod, and it has great range just like a spring sniper.
  3. How much is a really good r-hop? Also the M14 looks awesome. Which one is even good? There is like 6 on airsoftgi.
  4. A good range I want is 200-300. More 300 then close to 200. How much would that cost?
  5. I am the same way. I play on fields with restrictions, but only played twice. I play on a friend's field so FPS rule doesn't apply. I want something that can reach through the field and get the job done.
  6. I liek the idea of AEG can put out more faster when needed. A spring rifle you would do bolt action then shoot and repeat.
  7. Thanks, I'm still deciding AEG or Spring. I can't make up my mind. The pros and cons even out on both.
  8. Not sounding desperate here, but I just want something like a sniper (scope, bipod) and can unload/burst when needed. The M14 looks good and all, but is out of my price range. What other AEG's are good out there that are good?
  9. I'm not rushing, I'm getting ideas for when I know what I want. I am just learning all the parts and things. AEG is more confusing it seems, because it is battery powered (electric). Also my playing style is waiting, and long range shots. I'm not good at close range, moving around most of the time kind of guy. I will make another thread if I decide to go that route (looking like it because of money). I know FPS is not all about it, the reason I say that is with FPS usually comes with range (the main factor when I purchase a gun). I just don't want trash that shoots all over the place when I need to make that long range shot.
  10. I am left with mixed thoughts. I was set on spring rifle now I'm set on AEG, but confused on what things help upgrade it and what AEG. I do like the M14, but I would like a scope on it. Most M14's don't have that mound. Also the gun is expensive as is, leaving no room for upgrade. I was hoping to pay 100-200 (maybe little over) for the actual gun, then spend 100 (maybe little over) in upgrades to help the range.
  11. Thank you, Airsoftgi says it is 330 -350 fps stock. That's a little disappointing.
  12. I have gotten ideas on on what AEG sniper, what is your suggestion on a great AEG that can be upgraded to 500+fps which is like 200ft+. Also, I'm not to fond of AEG's so if you suggest a gun can you tell me what I would have to buy to get it to shoot like that? Thank you.
  13. I know, I want a sniper with range. That is the reason I'm asking what parts I would need to upgrade that. Exactly what upgrade would you recommend for the MK96? I plan on buying it all at once if I got it.
  14. But can those parts be bought? My friend has a bunch of AEG's they are all messed up when you shoot so I don't use them. I bought me a MP5 and the company didn't even give me a charger and the clip didn't even hold 18 bullets. Also I didn't have a speed loader so it took 20mins to load it back. So I started hating AEG's all together right there. I have been looking at the JG Bar-10 and the MK96? I think that is the sniper. They look promising and easy to upgrade (I don't know about the MK96 upgrade). Would those be the ideal thing to buy rather than the Echo 1 M28?
  15. What all would I have to upgrade to shoot 600+? Which AEG would even do that?
  16. Thank you, I never thought of have 3-4 batteries. Do you have any suggestions on what AEG sniper is good? What batteries are good? If you can't give that advice on what to look for in an AEG sniper.
  17. What AEG shoots as hard as the echo1 m28? I'm not accusing all AEG's of being junk. I have just had bad experiences and with friends experiences. And again, it sucks when an AEG gun battery dies in mid game, and you have to wait for a recharge.
  18. There is really no other sniper's out there. The AEG ones need batteries, the die easy in the middle of playing and aren't powerful. Gas snipers would be unfair playing with as they are to powerful. Also I would hate to have to gas up the sniper in the middle of a game. And gas snipers are more money. AEG ones are plastic junk most of the time. EDIT: Also I was planning to replace the internals to one to metal if it wasn't to much.
  19. Hi, I am looking to buy a good airsoft sniper. I have been loving then Echo 1 M28, but there is not much upgrade stuff you can do it to it to make it shoot further (unless I'm looking at the wrong sites for parts). I would like a sniper that shoots 500fps +. Is there any snipers I'm missing out there? My spending limit is $200 maybe a little more if the gun is better than Echo 1 M28. Hope someone can give me a link to something with same to better FPS and more to upgrade with. Thanks Edit: I also don't like the plastic piston in the Echo 1 M28.
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