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  1. correct, the mosfet does heat up when I plug the battery in but only when I have the lugs hooked up to the motor. and as for multimeter, I wish I had one :/ but I did take my spare motor(stock) and hooked it up and the clicking still persisted.
  2. note: -I meant taking the terminal off my xtra motor and putting it on my current motor - its a matrix 3000 -the MOSFET gets hot when I hook the battery up. its showing resistance I guess but theres no resistance that would cause it to heat up that fast without anything being fired. VIDEO HERE
  3. alright ill keep this short an sweet. Modify Modular Pre-shimmed Complete Gear Set - [seen here I love the design just not the price and the only reason I would buy them is for those nifty brackets since it a pain n the a** when the gears come out. so, my question, does any company make the brackets for gear sets? thanx for any replies
  4. hello, winters here and so is the winter ops. And in the winter we try to play hard but keep dry, keep warm but still get the tacticool factor. or atleast I do. so on that note I have have a few questions about winter coats: What is the best winter jacket that still has velcro and such that I can sill wear under my plate carrier and still have mobility and warmth/Dryness? thats under $100? and still last long?will I sill be warm if I wear I off the field? ive been looking at the Condor Summit Zero Lightweight Soft Shell Jacket and it seams pretty good but looks a little thin and more of Fall/spring jacket. so if theres any suggestions, they would be greatly appreiciated. Side Note: I live in Massachusetts and we just had that roughly big snow storm and we got around a foot of snow(not much butt still effects airsoft play.) so, any any ideas on good winter coats? Thanx in advance BTW any reviews on the Condor summit zero would be good too, thanx
  5. hmmm I was hopeing it wouldnt come down to that :/ but ill see what I can do. thanx for the replies
  6. lol my phone is not the best a takein close-ups thats as far as it will go without the inner edge going on the barrel
  7. Sorry there not the best pictures, there the best I can get with my phone. better one
  8. the bucking lips are off the end of the barrel a little less then a quarter of an inch. ill have a few pictures up in a bit....
  9. Hello, so this christmas I got a new Madbull 6.01 barrel made out of aircraft alluminum from evike. I installed it no problem( I do have concerns about how I installed the hop up though), fired pretty well. so today I went to my local airsoft field and all the sudden it would fire a couple bb's then dry fire. I would take the mag out, bb's would fall out, and put it back in and the problem would start again. fired a couple bb's then dry fire. but heres the odd part, of I hold my gun at an angle between about 45 degrees to 315 degrees, it fires fine no problem.The barrel and hop up is all lubed btw. but to keep in mind, im useing brand new MAG 130 round mid caps (so the spring is really really strong) but the mags worked absolutly fine in 2 other m4's I ended up useing today, wich includes a dinky plastic piece of sh**t from wal-mart. Thanx in advance
  10. lol thats answer I was lookin for, thank you sir
  11. Quick question! if this is a Pre-sale, does that mean there's more awsomeness to come?
  12. Hello, has anyone had any exsperiences with TMC's ranger green compared to Eagles, Pantacs and FLYYEs? it seams as though TMC is a little grey'er then the other brands. witch is exspected but not as much as it looks like it is. I run an T.A.G plate carrier (can be seen below), so the RG is T.A.G s version but looks a little more like a slightly grey'er version of Pantacs and Eagles. FLYYEs version looks like T.A.Gs but is harder to get, in my oppinion. But im looking for a MAP(moduler assault pack) thats CHEAP and im wonderin about TMC's Ranger green, is it anything like the others? T.A.G plate carrier TMC MAP -RG Pantacs Rattle snake-RG FLYYE MAP -RG Eagle Inustries-RG
  13. you sir, are a fricken wizard, thaaank yooouu
  14. Hello, First off, im sorry if this isn't the right forum. There dousnt t seam like there is a forum that this fits in. The only one that would remotely fit this question is selling/buying/tradeing forum. But I digress. Anyway, to the point. ehobby Asia., does anyone happen to know when the Christmas sale will start and what it will be? I sent a couple emails, no response, but was exspected . So I contacted there Facebook on the 1st and got "thank you for your inquiry- comeing soon". Real informative. So 4 (5 for them)days later, still nothing up about it. The only new offer they had was a free 2013 calender. So if anyone happens to have info about it, shareing your knowledge would be greatly appreciated. Thanx in advance P.S. I don't know why they wouldn't have one this year. They had 50% off shipping in 2009 and 10% off of intire invintory last year. Don't see what make this year different.
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