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  1. I would like to be a IT specialist in the army, I feel like if they put me anywhere near a computer I will feel right at home.
  2. after xmas bump, happy holidays everyone, last bump for this thread.
  3. Yeah I understand, I might even be maybe to get some guns into the base when I'm out of basic, but they, they already have training weapons and why shoot airsoft guns when you can shoot real guns. It just seem more logical to sell them for now, and in a few years get back into the hobby later. And Merry Christmas.
  4. KSC G18C This is a great G18C made by KSC, has given me no issues in the past. Very nice all around pistol, will come with 2 magazines, 1 without base plate but both are leak free. (Japan Version) $120 KWA 1911 This is the KWA 1911. Very reliable gun made by KWA, will also come with laser pointer sight mounted on the bottom rail. And this pistol will come with 5 double stacked magazines. $220 Tokyo Marui MK23 An amazing TM pistol that is non blow back and silent to use. Shoot very accurate and relatively good range. Will come with 3 magazines and the Socom MK23 carrying case. $180 WE-TECH 6 Inch 1911 Punisher Replication of the punisher pistol, very comfortable to hold with the aftermarket grip. Will come with one magazine. Also cool to dual wield with the other 6 inch 1911. Can also come with additional modified magazines for extra $15. $75 WE-TECH 6 Inch 1911 Black This pistol has a few small upgrades in it such as kingarms pistol and rocket valve. Upgrades also include AIP Hopup housing. But the pistol was dropped from my holster during a game and cracked the back of the slide a little bit. It still shoots fine. Will come with one magazine. Can also come with additional modified magazines for extra $15. $65 WE-Tech 1911 Knighthawk Silver Fully upgraded 1911 that were made for pistol only matches, kept clean and rarely used for big games. Will come with one magazine. Can also come with additional modified magazines for extra $15. Upgrades include - Angel Custom 152mm 6.01 G2 Stainless Steel Inner Tight Bore Angel Custom "W" Hopup Bucking Action Aluminum Firefly Rocket Valve With O-ring Action 6 Hole Piston Head with O-ring Aluminum Extended Wide Slide Catch Action 160% Recoil and Hammer Spring Sanded Slide For Crisp Blowback Teflon Wrapped Hopup For Extra Air Seal With the upgrades install the inner barrel sticks out of the outer barrel a bit and is being covered with a small pistol mock silencer. It shoots very accurate and has good range. $220 WE-TECH Knighthawk Black Pretty much same as the silver version without the upgrades, both are collector’s item and goes great together. Can also come with additional modified magazines for extra $15. $65 Wilson Combat 1911 Limited editions of Wilson combat 1911 pistol. Has customized grip with Wilson combat logo as well as trades on the frame and slide. Can also come with additional modified magazines for extra $15. $70 G&G Revolver This is the G&G revolver, it is co2 powered and will come with 30 shells. Has not been used much and is in good condition. $150
  5. THREAD CLOSED Hello all, I am going to be leaving next week, last day for any sales is going to be Sunday 12/28/14. This is only for a short term sale. Trying to sell off my loadout before I leave to basic training, and I really really like to take good pictures of guns as well, so I had lots of fun getting awesome pictures to keep as well. Everything will probably be uploaded to ebay if not sold, or just being sold to local airsofters as well. Not taking any trades as I won't be around to receive the item. Please PM me with any questions. Ares DSR The famous Ares DSR, and have recently cleaned and grease some of the parts. Most parts of the rifle is adjustable or removable such as the under rail hand guard, the stock, as well as on the stock the cheek riser, and shoulder pad is also adjustable. The adjustment is really handy for any snipers out there. Will come with 2 magazines and also include the scope, the illumination does not work. $900 OBO WELL AW-338 This is a very well made Ares AW-338 replica. Except for ares use better external. However this is a nice replica for half the price and I have replaced the most important part that will break in the gun which is the hammer, with the ares reinforced steel hammer. The safety doesn't work but the firing pin pops up when the gun is chambered. Will also come with 3 magazines, 2 working and 1 for parts. Shoots 550fps on first shot, second shot and on drops to 500fps pretty consistently, then drops 5fps each shot, this was tested at room temperature. $200 Classic Army M15A4 This is a custom classic army M15 with a SR25 rail system, it features a DB customs 6.01 inner barrel. Features a full stock that can house large type battery. The internal of the gear box is stock classic army parts. This is not the sportline version. $170 Cybergun Famas This is a beginner airsoft rifle, still new in box. Will also include the famas top rail system by angel custom. Comes with integrated bipod and cheek rest. Bullpop style design rifle. $100 A&K Zombie Killer SR25 This is the Zombie Killer SR25, I personally love the Zombie Killer series and their custom engravings. The condition of the rifle is very good. Comes with crane stock style and flip up sights, as well as 2 hi-cap sr25 magazines. The front flip up sight has a slight chip to it. $200 We-Tech M14 GBBR This M14 is very fun to shoot due to the nice recoil, but unfortunately, it stopped working and needs to replace the trigger housing $20 part. Also the right side is missing a screw. Other than that It works great and the magazine doesn't leak. I just don't have any time to get around fixing it. Will be sold as boneyard and as is. $150 H&K Umarex G36C Femee Fatale New in box, never used for a game, sturdy beginner rifle for any female getting into airsoft, or regular airsofters looking to get something for their SO. $100
  6. Well to be honest I never used full magazine pouches, when I was running the ACU loadout I run with a chest rig and sometimes the magazines are hard to pull from. The fast mag pouches are great and does not hinder my reload performance. I have the kryptek TF3 vest, so it only uses fast mag pouches. I am mainly just looking for a battle belt, they already have it for the python and mandrake, but yet to come out on highlander or nomad. Normally I think 4 fast mag is enough and the vest just holds that many. I will use the battle belt for other setup like side arm and side arm magazines and such. I just want the kryptek camo for the main loadout, other smaller items could be replaced with desert tan, it's not a big deal.
  7. Yeah I shop there a lot too, but it seems they pretty much have the exact same thing as EBairsoft, price is just on and off by a few dollars too, not sure if they are run by the same company.
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