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  1. The time has come to start rebuilding a G36, so here I am looking for parts. Here be the list... Complete gearbox! Doesn't need to be expensive, a JG gearbox will do. Must be working, and have everything except motor and motor cage, I have enough of those if that's all it needs. Barrel assembly. I really need one and Evike charges way too much for it... C or K length, I would prefer K, but either will do I guess. Don't need the handguard, just the assembly, wires, fuse, hopup+barrel, and the outer barrel system. Basically I need all the damn internals for a G36. :P Let me know what you have peeps!
  2. Bumpity swooty coming for that booty.
  3. Looking to trade a King Arms P90 for any M4 style rifle, needs to be working(not looking for a project right now). The P90 is like new, only used a few times, and comes with 3 MAG brand misfeeding midcaps (Probably need to be broken in) 3 Phantom Gear mag pouches 1 9.6v P90 battery 1 8.4v battery Thanks for looking!
  4. THIS IS THE WORDS OF WISDOM! I use grips when I have them, except when people are saying they have a use for everything including their flashlights in field play. Then I hold it by the magwell just to piss them off.
  5. LOL I can't stop laughing now, thanks. But maybe you shouldn't mooch them for coin and they wouldn't care, monsieur mooch.
  6. Well... I started out with G36 models... But after starting to tech I switched to an M4 platform because I find it easier to work on(V3 trigger assemblies make me cuss out pieces of metal). They take down easier than my G36, and being a Murican who shoots ARs it was a platform I'm used to. Which is also why I wouldn't use an AK, not used to the platform, I don't even know how to take one down. I honestly don't see anything special about them though, except for everyone uses them so when I need a mag someone can mag flip me one.
  7. Another bump... You people are making orphans cry in Africa you know.
  8. Bump... You should really trade. P90s are all the rage guys.
  9. I agree with Renegade here, rent to own airsoft guns would be a good idea... Just make sure they won't break when used.
  10. They should get a job if they want to play, instead of bumming off you and/or parents. You could always buy guns that they can use, and then buy off you, and then all is good.
  11. Bump it up bump the jam yeah yeah. Would really like an AKS-74u, you know, the tiny little guys, and would really like the P90 gonity gone!
  12. Super duper diddly doo. Expanded the search even more, now AK with folding stock and or rails, OR an AKS-74u style, the super tiny cute little things.
  13. Lancer Tactical and Aftermath both suck I think. I have seen noobs swear by their Aftermath guns but oh my hell you can look at it the wrong way and break it. I guess I'm a "rough player" with my guns, because I kinda broke one my friend lent me... snapped in my hands.
  14. Bumpity boo, I'm looking for youuu. Still searching. EDIT: Now taking full stock with rails, or folding stock with normal grips, and maybe even one with a folding full stock because that's cool.
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