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  1. Every time I think of posting on forums. I get a reminder on why I should not do this. Congratulations EDI 1st you won a an internet arguement. I could argue more but I think there is no real reason , you will pile a ton of crap on me anyway. I am pretty sure you haven't read twice what I wrote but who cares. Pick up a can of soda and be happy on ruining a persons day. All I just wanted to do is to share what I have read on the forums to beginners . I like to read , maybe everything isn't correct but still I wanted to be helpful but now I'll be just a bookworm and won't post anything because some people like the one above can't explain something without putting others down. P.S sorry for screwing up the thread
  2. http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=36387.0 http://mackila.com/airsoft/atp/04-a-01.htm ( look at the table below ) The first one exaplains why and the second shows the statistic in second link there is a table and it shows fps and the effective range , the difference isn't that big. Google it and you can see a lot of topics on this. Your gain in range is somewhere 15-20feet FYI. A close friend of mine has an air gun which shots 1000fps(300m/s) and hes range is 147feet. Air guns fps is a lot more than airsoft but their range is lacking. There is more things to worry about than fps What if I told you I needed something to compare and I know that japans law is 1J Well thats not fair. I was talking about only fps and you add a barrel , hop up and nice bbs. I think you didn't understand me correctly. I was meaning that ALONE fps is useless. I'd love to see an real steel ak-47 hit a penny from about 3000+feet or a LMG shoot accurately I read your post the same as I wotten my examples. I can say that to any stock aeg from any brand Out of the box TM has a good range an accuracy but no one can beat your standarts Like all forums I saw that and I saw that. But I don't believe this , a stock TM versus a stock (insert brand name here ) goy better results But the word I 'saw' you saw the performance only you didn't see if there was anything changed or not. I can take a acm aeg change all the parts in it go on my local field and boost on how much my stock acm is better than your (again insert brand here ) And a longer barrel means more range and accuracy. Your using physics and logic. Let me use logic too , a longer barrel should mean better range and accuracy but for some reason anything more than 509mm is harming your range and accuracy. A tighter barrel 6.01 doesn't mean its better than a 6.03 ( tighter isn't better ) even some 6.04 are better and now the same applies to FPS.
  3. Thanks guys for the info. I didn't take the trade
  4. Hey all I just got offer to trade my JG G36c ( with an madbull v2 inner barrel and a guarder hop up bucking ) For a TM ak74 beta spetsnaz. He said he putted in there a more powerful motor and a spring ( that kinda concerns me ). We're meeting so ill have a chance to look at it and shot. What should I look at and how to know its not a cyma or a cybergun ?
  5. *Sigh* I held and seen a lot of plastics but this doesn't feel or look like cheap plastic
  6. If your a beginner or just starting don't get kwa they have proprietary parts , you won't have the ability to upgrade unless you will play it in stock only . The G&P has one of the best externals and doesn't have proprietary parts. Budget M4 if you feel comfortable with upgrading internals you can get an JG m4 and upgrade it to the same price as an G&P or KWA
  7. First off all fps is overrated. If fps had such a big impact on performance , high end brands would put 400fps springs in their guns for example look at Tokyo Marui their guns fps is somewhere 295 fps and still it shots much further and precise then those 400+fps guns. You should concentrate more on the accuracy and range.
  8. A DMR is the most expensive thing in airsoft. First off all this is a good post http://www.airsoftsniperforum.com/43-longr...ur-dmr-aeg.html Second you can't just replace all internals and call it a dmr. You will need to do a lot of mods yourself as those who are above Third if you still would like to do a dmr. Don't start to immediately replace parts when you get it , play a little with it and find out you don't like in it Ohh and longer barrel doesn't = accuracy and range Basic physics of airsoft. I ought you to read this too http://www.airsoft2day.com/news/26-the-bas...of-airsoft.html
  9. It will alaways be a sportline. The sportline idea came on when china made aeg's were killing the market and brands like classic army though about making a cheaper one. I wanted to buy one , but when I read a few reviews on it , people bashed those hardcore . The internals will be cr*p but if your upgrading that won't be a problem , the externalls well I don't remember but still keep away out of classic army sportlines Isn't WE a gas rifle ? And your suggesting a gas rifle to a beginner ? That thing will neeed twice of maintance than a electric one , mags aren't cheap , every magazine has 30bbs max against an aeg who can go from 30bb(lowcap) to 500(highcap) , gas , gas leaking in magazines etc. Not the best idea
  10. Src has their "original" hop up chamber, its bad ICS has their split gearboxes which can be a headache G&G combat machines some people love them , some people hate them. They have a 2 piece barrel , bad motor etc. but thats not a problem if your planning to upgrade it anyway If your planning to do external and internal upgrades you should take a 100% marui compatible aeg. I would take a clone that is 100% marui compatible for example JG = AUG , G36 Cyma = AK family Dboys = Scar , ak and M4's ( do keep in mind they externals won't be the best but still decent )
  11. Hey all Has anyone got any info on the cyma ar15 series ? http://www.airsoftnews.fr/2013/01/26/cyma-...lites-m-series/ I've read a few comments on the russian airsoft forums but not much info there too. In short. The spring is too powerfull 134-138m/s ( approximately 442fps) The motor has no magnets, the hop up rubber was in some kinda transparent grease , the air noozle , cylinder head are bad. It seems like a copy of VFC. The aeg is great but the assembly is cr*p.
  12. Yes their nice but if you do a little research youll see that some off their internal parts are off spec ( not standart ) http://www.airsoftretreat.com/forums/index.php?topic=97358.0 Cylinder - No go. the stock cylinder is about 4-5mm longer than the laylax/bar/vsr cylinder. possibly if you could fabricate a spacer of sprts for the cylinder head. Piston - I have a Polarstar piston in my gun, and it will not fit the m28's cylinder, the piston is too thick. the stock piston looks more along the lines of the ASR's piston in terms of length and width. Zero Trigger - no go. the unit is too big to fit, the trigger guard assembly gets in the way. Spring guide - Laylax fts perfectly! Cylinder Head - polarstar is a no go, nor laylax hop up unit - completely compatible! I actually threw in a marui hop up arm and gave it more consistent flight patterns, the guns a laser now. Springs - from what I can see, they appear to be compatible with laylax springs, but im keeping the stock 520 fps spring. Barrels - seems to be exactly the same as marui, but length is longer than 430mm, ill say probably around 500mm, just no def. measurement yet. from what I heard madbull will be making tightbores for this. (heard from my wholesaler who deals with madbull) trigger unit shape is about the same as a PDI V-trigger, but with no definite fit yet I can't say if it will work.
  13. As much as I heard combat machines are a hit and miss. They have a 2 piece barrel , bad motor, you can't put a stronger spring etc.. There are people who like them http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f6/g-...ly-great-20232/( well the atleast a few people show their love here ) and hate them http://www.airsoftsociety.com/forums/f88/g...s-system-26732/ But the majoritys vote is get a jg/dboys/cyma and upgrade it. The echo 1 just rebrands aeg's and you can't find out whoes gun they took. So in my opinion neither
  14. Didn't want to make a new thread but I have this question. But after getting my gearbox out I noticed it was painted black no like the strandart silver ones I see when people dissemble their jg g36 ( I didn't open the gearbox ) I am mostly interested which year model did I get and is this the one that has the abs body or the nylon fiber one ?
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