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  1. I contacted the mods of this particular forum and was told several of them viewed this listing and have not decided to touch it. so I guess they were nice enough to let me raise a few bucks for a good charity.. I allready give monthly but things are getting expensive nowadays so I find myself needing to raise money to keep being able to donate and to help donate more.
  2. I'm not really a giant store selling 1000+ items I just have what I have listed. grabbed a few items and reselling to go towards what I already give monthly to charity
  3. 3rd of all profits will go to the Wounded-Warriors-Project! Contact me at GunslingerApparel<AT>Gmail.com or send a PM on what you would like to purchase, or need info on and I'll answer ASAP. Paypal and Money Orders only, Thanks! Necklaces *Pendants measured from buttstock to muzzle not including ring* 2-3/8 - 2-5/8" Solid Color Pendants + necklace $6.95 Shipped First class+ DC with You're choice of necklace "see below". Each additional Pendant+necklace is $5.50ea 2-3/8 - 2-5/8" "Coming Soon" Camo Painted Pendants "duracoat base color and hand painted graphics" + necklace $8.00 Shipped First class+ DC with You're choice of necklace. Each additional camo Pendant+necklace is $6.50ea Choose from either premium "true American made" 550 para-cord necklace "non adjustable" with stitched on quick connect buckle in your choice of color and size available in 19-24" . The para-cord buckles are designed to let loose at about 10-12lbs of pull making the necklace easy to take off. You just give it a tug in opposite directions behind your neck when you want to take it off. This buckle also makes it so you can't accidentally hang yourself while walking through woods wearing a necklace with 400+lb's of breaking strength ;). "See Paracord Colors Here" and "See Paracord Quick Connect Buckle here" OR you can choose an adjustable black leather "real leather" necklace in one of these 3 sizes: 17-1/2" to 19-1/2", 18-1/2" to 20-1/2" or 21"- 23" Sizing: Please Remember whichever length necklace you choose the pendant will hang down 2-1/2 to 2-3/4" in most cases for someone 5-8' - 6-5' I'd recommend a 20" or 21" up to a 22" necklace unless you know you need longer. 20" rides around slightly under your t-shirt neck line. anything 18" or under is considered a choker length. Keychains 3.75" Keychains $6.00 Shipped $5.00 each additional 4.75-5" (XL) Keychains $6.50 shipped $5.50 Each additional 4.75-5" Coming soon: (XL) Camo Painted Keychains $7.50 shipped $7.00 Each additional All pendants and keychains are all the same solid color "Dark Silver" unless noted otherwise. I did my best with the camera I have, the M60 and x1014 pictures best represent the actual color of all the dark silver pieces... I Currently have the following items available click on them to see images 2-3/8 - 2-5/8" pendant/necklaces 6 Scar-L CQC with Acog 2 Scar-L CQC with Acog (Black) *coming soon 1 Scar-L CQC with Acog (Camo) *coming soon 3 FN FS2000 2 FN FS2000 (Black) *coming soon 1 FN FS2000 (Camo) *coming soon 4 ACR (aka Magpul Masada) 3 Thompson 1928A1 "Tommy Gun" 3 AK-47u with scope 3 M4 RIS + VFG-Light,silencer 2 AK-47 2 M4A1 2 MP5-SD 2 M21 JAE-100 Sniper 2 Colt .45 Cowboy (Stainless Steel) *Coming Soon 2 M4 Red Dot Silenced 2 Type 95 Rifle 2 Rem 700 Sniper 1 M16a1 1 M16a2 1 MP5N 2 MP5A3 *coming Soon 2 XM1014 Shotgun 1 M4 Skeleton Stock 1 M4 Scope Silenced 1 AN-94 "aka Ak-94" 1 XM8 1 M60 Light Machine Gun 1 Sawn Off Shotgun w pistol grip 1 M4 Aimpoint, Modstock + Light 1 Steyr Aug 1 S&W 460XVR Revolver scoped 1 Long Barrel Revolver 1 Beretta RX4 Storm 3.75-5" Keychains 7 M4 VIS CQB 3.75" 3 FN Scar-L 3.75" 1 HK MP7 3" 1 HK MP7 3" (Black) 1 ACR 5" (Camo) *coming soon 1 M4 Red Dot Silenced 3.75" 1 M4 Red Dot Silenced 4.75" 1 M21 JAE-100 Sniper 5"
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