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  1. Hi everyone, It has been a while. It has been over a year since I last played, and I am trying to get back into playing. I am looking for a traditional style AK47. Trying to narrow down options for a field gun that would be a good base to be built up. Any advice welcome Also, specs I am hoping to achieve: 25 RPS or higher (30 RPS is my goal), 380 fps on a .25, and be able to reach out to tap someone at around 200 feet. All help appreciated. Thanks Aidan
  2. I love the HK 121, now undergoing testing by the German Army to replace the MG3. Also, a REALLLLY nice Colt .25 gbb reproduction would be cool, so I could put it next to the real one :), as long as it had trades that were legit and had none of the safety warning stuff.
  3. It has to be the 1969 Oldsmobile 442 Convertible
  4. I feel that it should be legalized but regulated in the same way alcohol and tobacco are. There would be taxes everywhere, and it would have to be grown in a highly controlled environment. I understand that its going to be abused the way everything else is by minors, but the idea would be that its better to buy from the convenience store than the neighborhood drug dealer. If its not your body, then you should have NO control over what someone does to their own.
  5. That looks awesome I'll pm you about it. Just on a side note does anyone have experience with gp-airsoftusa.com? They have an ebay account with excellent feedback, but the prices are a little high.
  6. Unfortunate that its out of stock on WGC, and Tokyo Model Company. I'll keep checking; Do you send an email asking them to cover the trademarks?
  7. I REALLY want the G&P MRP Combat (Long), enough so that I am willing to not get some awesome Crye G3s. Does anyone have experience importing G&P models with 'restricted' trades? Any good companies to do business with that won't burn out my trades? Thanks
  8. Hi everyone, after several months of lurking and so on I need a little help. My brother purchased a c.52 rail for his JG MP5 as it installs the same on CYMA as on JG MP5s, or so we thought. It is loose, and the outer barrel of the gun wobbles. If anyone has had the gun and tried to install, and successfully did so, any rail system we could use tips. Thanks!
  9. I have. I found some pants, not sure on shirt yet, which is good. I am looking for a cadpat molle vest/plate carrier but I can't seem to find one. Should I go for a OD plate carrier/molle vest with cadpat pouches?
  10. I want a set of CADPAT BDUs or MOLLE, but I do not want to pay a fortune. I have looked and looked, but I don't want any of the cheap Chinese clones and it seems that Canadian camo clothing websites have accessories but not BDUs or MOLLE. Any tips to find it or do any of you know of good sites for CADPAT? THANKS FOR ANY HELP!!!!!!!!!!
  11. http://dx.com/p/20mm-aluminum-alloy-tactic...nt-black-137828 This is an option if you want the original handguard as it just mounts to the bottom and doesn't affect battery space.
  12. I want the ASG B&T trademarked MP9 with the B&T silencer. Nobody seems to have this or imports it to the US. Help me with a link to a US distributor that has it, or an overseas retailer that has it for an okay price (shipping not crazy). THANKS 4 ANY HELP!
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