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  1. Ha ha, will do. Although, it may take me awhile to get it, I gotta save up. I'm currently trying to sell my TSD/DE M1014 tri-shot shotgun, and my KWA MP7 on craigslist.
  2. After thinking about it, I'm going with the socom gear. It's the most realistic, can be somewhat skirmishable, has a great collector value, has the most upgrade parts, and performs best out of them all. Thank you all for your input.
  3. That's what I was thinking too, but would it be skirmishable? And would it be allowed at fields even though it uses 8mm? If anyone has skirmished with it please let me know how it is (not weight wise, but more of the features like shell ejecting, reloading, and 8mm). Something also to mention: I like the look of the grip, clip, and barrel of the beta project, and it's half the price, so please share any info!
  4. I have been a fan of the M200 ever since I laid my eyes on it. Last Christmas I got the Beta Project M200, and I found that the hopup was non existent and the range wasn't what I was expecting. It said on evike that it was fully upgradable so I assumed that if I wasn't satisfied with the range/power then I would buy a new spring. However, I couldn't find a spring that would work in it. Then the biggest problem arrived: a pin-and-spring system held onto the bolt by a c clip kept popping out. I sent it back for repairs and got it back and it worked fine. A week or two later, it popped out again, and I proceeded to get a refund for it. Now I want another M200, and I'm looking at all the options (Ares, Socom Gear, Beta Project). I want one that is skirmishable, and I would only buy the Beta Project again if someone could let me know if the one I got is just a lemon, and if there are any "DIY" upgrades or even upgrades I could buy for it. Sorry for the long post, but please give me your input.
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