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  1. even 11.1v 4500 mah sounds great~each 18650 battery costs like 2$.......I wonder how effective it really is.....how come nobody made this happen if it could have happened with a cost of lower than 10$ each pack? ?
  2. Hey guys.......I recently got a flashlight that uses 18650 battery. The battery is 3.7v and has 4500mah. The size of the battery is slightly bigger than an AA battery and it is rechargeble. Since I use 11.1 lipo in my AEG anyways, I wonder if it is possible to connect 3 of those 18650 battery together and use as my airsoft battery? It will be crazy to have a 11.1 v 13500mah battery in my gun lol. However, I lack the knowledge of electrical related stuffs and something inside of me tells me it is not possible......so, here is my question: is it possible to make it work? How to make it work? If not...why? thank you
  3. thank you for your reply~I will go ahead and grab a m4 s system~ yeah~the gentleman commented above really knows his way and I appreciate that.
  4. Hi, I might post this in a wrong section of the forum but........I really need help I own 2 of this 11.1 lipo http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/_...RSOFT_Pack.html and I am thinking getting a m4 s system ....This battery will fit into crane stock and I wonder if it will fit in the handguard of a S system since everybody said it has very limited space.
  5. Hi guys...I've been playing with my SRC G36C for a year and I love the gun. Especially the metal hopup with concave shape hopup arm, which totally eliminate the need for a polarstar concave shape nub and it is one of the most accurate gun I had. Recently, my friend wants to get an SRC m4 series and asked me if the M4 has some similar hopup design as the g36 with features a concave shape hopup arm and I really have no idea...... question: For those who own an SRC M4, is your hopup chamber the same as other TM compatible hopup that needs an nub or just one big piece of hopup arm with concave shape spacer?>
  6. Thank you for your advice, when I said "Overkill" I really mean something like this : My local airsoft field has a limit of 450 fps so I don't want to push over that. Plus....shooting that many rounds in one second......how effective is it really?? I'm kinda new to the terms you are using...what is Sorbo, corrected aoe? and radioused shell??? Plus, I will really want to build a gun you have, can you give me a complete list of the stuffs you put into it and the total cost? I really don't mind getting "out gunned" here, because I can learn from you pros.
  7. Well, one of my normal torque gear set was worn out over time and a set of high torque gear was by my side....I was too lazy to buy a new set so I just used that. Personally, I don't think it is necessary to have a gun that shoots more than 20 rps... That sounds too crazy and burns ammo way too quickly, plus, I don't want to push my gearbox to absolute limit....if the target is far, they see the BBs coming, they just take cover......more BBs doesn't help hitting a target that took good cover...If the target is close....you get him anyways as long as you have decent ROF. If they are Newbies..they get hit no matter what. I really want my gun to have relatively high performance while maintaining good lifespan. Since I shoot a lot and use a m130/m140 spring, is the Madbull PX full metal teeth better or the Lonex piston better"? What's the Pors and Cons of both product? There might be a post in the forum already.....if you have the time, please post the link~or just tell me the pros and cons? Thx
  8. I was using a KWA poly piston and....my gear took out all the teeth on the piston after shooting 1500 rds, so, I now use a mad bull piston with full metal teeth and get some high torque gears + high torque amp motor with an JBU m130 spring.....just got the set up done yesterday, seems like it's working fine....don't know how long it lasts XD. Do you guys think this set up is fine for a support gunner role? Since I will shoot a lot....a lot...........
  9. \ I actually tried that before...the thing is, if I keep 440 fps and upgrade it to shooting 30+ rps, the piston won't survive more than 2 games..........
  10. I did see the Madbull....it looks plain ugly...it's just a long tube..anything more like a M203?
  11. Ok guys.. here is my CQB assault sniping LMG. This is the most beautiful beast in my opinion. -440 fps -15 rps with 7.4 lipo -3x scope for sniping and red dot-folding stock for CQB (might be too hot XD) -drum mag + bi pod for support role -personally added a under rail + flash light+ fore grip + sling as an assault weapon. ------------SOMETHING is missing-------------- ahhhh.....A grenade launcher......... Well, you can take everything above as a joke..but I'm a big fan of OVER KILL and I do have the muscle to wield this thing even it weights about 15lbs with 3000 .25 BBs fully loaded in the drum mag. I do want to find a grenade launcher that can go with the under rail and I don't like the Ares g36 grenade launcher. Any suggestion? I can add another rail in front of the under rail if I have to and I really want to keep the fore grip cuz it does make the gun a lot more stable.
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