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  1. The batteries I have are rated at 35A ... check the link in my last post. They are from the days of vaping before electronic power regulation came into the picture and all we had was "mech mods" which was basically a battery in a metal tube with a spring loaded trigger switch feeding power straight into the heating coil. But yeah I agree completely and in fact I just ordered a 1500mah 20C 11.1V lipo :P Just hoping that it fits! Also ordered bushings and a new trigger switch since it was cheap and I'm gonna be rewiring/soldering anyway when I get the mosfet. Then I decided since I'm already paying for shipping I might as well add a cut-off lever and a tappet plate to complete the set. Was gonna add a piston to the list as well but they are all out of stock so I guess I'll just have to see how long the stock one lasts.
  2. After staying up till 5 last night and continuing my troubleshooting all day I have finally fixed it. I noticed a few of the bushings were not fitting tightly in the gearbox shell and even had some play when it was all screwed together. Basically wrapped the bearings in teflon tape (huge mission), put them back in the gearbox and got rid of the excess material with sandpaper and now they fit super tight. After doing that (and obviously re-shimming) it all seems to be fine. Getting a mosfet and an M130 spring in a few days, just hope I don't have to go through this again lol. BTW I made my own Li-ion battery pack from 3x 18650 batteries I used to use for my vape https://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showthread.php?384874-Test-Review-of-Efest-IMR18650-2500mAh-(Purple)-2014 , figured it's a substantial and easy upgrade plus I have the stuff lying around already so free to boot. Wouldn't mind getting a "proper" brand name lipo but it's hard to tell if it will fit when ordering online and I don't have any stores nearby.
  3. Hey guys, So I got the following upgrades for my JG G36C (v3 gearbox) today: G&G Titan 35k motor Ball bearing spring guide 11.1V Li-Ion battery (it came stock with 8mm ball bearing bushings) Cleaned everything up, did an awesome shim job, greased it up nicely and got the piston gliding effortlessly with some silicone spray, everything looked great... but then disaster struck! After 1 or 2 shots it only does a half-cycle (this happens with my old battery as well) and then I have to take the gearbox apart and put it back together again. This also happens when I fire in full auto, as soon as I let go of the trigger it jams up. I've been trying to get to the bottom of this for hours now and ended up taking the spring and piston out to test just the gears. I noticed when using my old 8.4V Ni-MH in semi the gears always spin the same amount of time on each trigger pull but when using the Lipo the gears spin for a different amount of time on each pull. Any ideas what is causing this and how to fix it? I'm getting a basic smd mosfet in a few days, do you think that might help? Otherwise maybe replace the trigger switch? I'm really confused...
  4. -snip- If you have nothing constructive to contribute, don't post.
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