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  1. I believe its a post ban because when I look down the bolt it looks like it has a restriction. It shoots really far and is extremely accurate. It looks and feels like the real kar 98k. its a beautiful rifle. would like to buy a scope for it next
  2. wow didnt know there were so many. Thank you
  3. My oranges taste like apple walnut chocolate pudding.I cooked mine in a croch pot!! Thanks! cool apples bro!
  4. Anyone in Long island know and good spots to play airsoft. Maybe even some spots like state land or abandoned warehouses where I can play with some friends for free and not run the risk of getting shot by cops lol
  5. I am considering purchasing a cyma CM048M. http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?products_id=5151. What upgrades would you recommend. I want maximum range fps and reliability. I currently own tanaka 98k. How does your cyma sniper compare in performance? thanks!! cool thread!!
  6. thats sounds fun might try it next time thanks!
  7. http://www.goggleoverstock.com/index.html are these good goggles. I also wear glasses. my frames are on small side
  8. I play with airsoft with 3 other friends sometimes only 2. What are some fun types of games you can play when your only playing with about 3-4 people?
  9. I would be looking to upgrade the range accuracy and fps. I play on outdoor fields. torn between these aks. the first is 100 bucks the 2nd is 185. the 3rd is 180. what are the notable differences besides the body being plastic or metal? is it worth to spend the extra 80 bucks on higher fps out the box or is it better for me to buy the 100 dollar one and upgrade it? http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1248-CYMA-...-Run-Model.aspx http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1272-CYMA-...del-CM048M.aspx http://www.airsoftmegastore.com/1271-CYMA-...odel-CM048.aspx
  10. was looking to purchase a CYMA AK47. What are your thoughts and opinions on this gun and what are some good upgrades that I should purchase for it? thanks for help!
  11. I paid 325 for the gun. Is that a good price? It came with the sling and a magazine.
  12. I know its not beginner gun. I play on my 20 acre property with friends and I wanted something that could should long range. I did a bunch of research and found this is one of the best airsoft guns for sniping
  13. hi, im new to airsoft. just bought a tanaka 98k. Is there anything I need to know maintenance wise so I can keep this gun working for years to come. Also what gram bb should I use. thanks!!
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