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  1. the ear and the elbow. The Ear was really bad some dumb*$&+ brought an over fps weapon into CQB and because the place does not chrono you can bring in a high fps weapon and enjoy yourself. I still get mad about that day.
  2. awesome thanks! lol RadioShack sadly IS my only/nearest hobby store.
  3. So I bought a mosfet from Guges somewhere around a year ago and while finally getting all the parts to my gun installed (motor, gears, shims, etc). I realize that I have a mosfet but don't know how to install it. Do any of you guys have any soldering techniques or "kits" that I can use to learn from?
  4. Revision's Sawfly, Bullet Ant, Desert Locust and Wolfspider are compatible with RX Inserts. Personally, the Bullet Ant wore out quicker than the others for me.
  5. I live south of you (close to FL). I have a very good friend who moved up by Atlanta that still plays. If you ever make it down here let me know I can show you a few places to play down here.
  6. G&G Combat Machine. I am using the .20g so I might have to step up the weight I tuned the hopup down 1/16th and it still overhopped. I did 1/16th and it was still overhopping so I'll start using heavier bb's
  7. I get that, I just know some peoples opinions of the weapon vary. I know I have only heard a handful of good things from Ares but wasn't sure if yall's opinion varied from these manufacturers actually. I might could make that happen. Let me ask around.
  8. So the other day on the field I had a long line of sight and encountered a number of enemies. As soon as I pulled the trigger I saw that my bb's were curving up on longer distances which obviously meant (to me) to much hopup. So I took cover and adjusted it down 1/3 of a turn. Here's where I am stumped turns out that turning it down even that much provides significant drop in longer distances. I mean enough to shave 15-20ft off of the distance. I took it home after the game and rehopped (new nub, etc, etc) but when I practiced with it again I noticed the same thing. Thoughts on how I can fix this?
  9. I have come to the crossroads where I have the option of buying either one of these. What are your opinions on either of these?
  10. I think I tried that one time but never fully got it to work right the fabric would came off during magazine changes both insert and release. I wonder if adding Spacers underneath the fabric attached to the magwell would work better.
  11. something like this? https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRpDRo9mvPAP-pUfniClRHIRy1DIc26um_XMY4WQXDS_BkwHcX2HA
  12. I have a G&G CM Raider version and while it has been more reliable than my A&K Masada, there has been a longstanding issue that I am looking to fix. The bb's do not feed into the hopup (despite having an upgraded hopup) causing me to have to constantly use my thumb to press the magazine forward constantly. Is there a fix for this?
  13. I understand Krytac already come with mosfet's. However is there a way to upgrade the mosfet? to a GATE or at least one with Active Braking?
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