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  1. Hey, I was scammed by a guy who lives in mckinney texas. I met him through instagram, then we started talking for our deal. I was trading him a few hundred dollars worth of items for his real acog. I didn't ship because I knew something was fishy. Later, I found out 9 other members of instagram have almost been scammed by him, and he succeeded with 2. Please help, and I have all the screenshots to prove!
  2. Preferably I want a rail that is longer than 7 inches, specifically, 10-12 inches. But if only less than 7 inches is available, then I will take it. But offers above get priority.
  3. Looking to buy/trade for a G&P woc upper reciever. Looking for full upper reciever (including front end, bolt, nozzle, rails/handguard, etc). I have a brand new TM hi capa to trade, brand new discontinued VFC AEG, Brand New TM VSR G-SPEC, and opened but unused AEG upgrade parts (worth $150) to trade for the WOC upper. Depending on the value, I could add cash, or just buy it.
  4. What's your price? Gunsmith bros, airsoft masterpiece, airsoft surgeon, zeon gun, shooter deisgn, and prog 4 are all top notch slides.
  5. I'm not really sure how a bucking could ruin the piston because they do not come in contact with each other... Ever... I wouldn't recommend either of those buckings. The best bucking arguably is the firefly (hard or soft depending on the fps of your gun). Here is the link: http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/Airsoft-Firefly-Hop-Up-Bucking-for-AEG-Hard-p/63312.htm and the maple leaf, I haven't done any research, but the firefly is tried and proven. IMO the best bucking on the market except tm.
  6. Hey. I personally wouldn't get either of those guns for the money. The ares may have a really fast trigger response, but I wouldn't buy it because of the internals, whereas G&G has better internals for the same price, or less. The APS, I wouldn't consider it at all. Their internals are sub par for the price. Here is a gun you may want to look at: http://www.airsoftgi.com/product_info.php?cPath=139_24_107&products_id=15829 If you don't like the tan, there are many more variations on the same website. Some include a battery and charger to accommodate for your needs, unless you have the battery and charger already. G&G also has a blowback version which you may be interested in. Just my 2 cents, but don't get either of the guns you have listed.
  7. There are thousands of threads about the WOC, but I haven't found one about my certain question. I was planning to buy the G&P Woc viper, DMR. http://www.evike.com/products/47444/ I'm not sure if this is the WOC Proline series, or the sportline (WOC-X). I know theyre not really proline or sportlines, but I will just refer to them as is for the purpose of the question. The WOC-X internals frankly, scare me away from buying the challenge kit for the insanely low price. I was wondering if the WOC I linked has the internals of the WOC-X, or the actual decent WOC internals. If it does have the internals of the WOC-X, then I would rather buy the challenge kit and buy steel parts. If this is the actual WOC, not the WOC-X, then I will buy it and slowly replace parts with steel internals as they break. Does anyone have actual evidence/information of this specific WOC's internals? If so, I'd be glad if you could share some insight with me!
  8. Hey, recently I was in the market for a new gun. I saw the lonex m4 on evike, and then I saw the ASG version. I just wanted to verify on here, does the ASG version have the same internals as the normal lonex? And I am 100% aware that the internals on the lonex AEG are different than their aftermarket upgrade parts, but the internals in their AEG are still very nice. Lastly, I wanted to clarify that the internals in the lonex/asg m4 are longer lasting than g&p internals? I know g&p has very nice internals, on par with the VFC I currently own, but I have read that the lonex internals have a small edge over the g&p. And I will be upgrading the lonex with aftermarket lonex parts once it arrives. Sorry for just spilling my thoughts, so I guess the final question is, Is the lonex m4 the same as the asg lonex m4 but with different externals, and if it is, will it out perform a g&p (both stock).
  9. I'm so sorry I also forgot to add the hop up information. I was deciding between a Prometheus neo strike chamber, and the madbull ultimate 3 in 1 chamber. I have heard and read very good things about both, and not sure which one has the edge over the other. I do have a firefly hopup bucking so I am good for the bucking, but I'm not sure which chamber. And if I do buy the full gun instead of the prokit, I heard that the g&p chamber is pretty good itself. Thanks and sorry for the many questions and long post. Wanna make this gun amazing!!1
  10. I am looking into the market to make a DMR. My budget is fairly high, as I will be using upto $500 for the full abse gun (externals, hopup, and inner barrel). I had two options. I could either get the Evike Custom G&P with a preinstalled 10 inch rail, or I coulld get the g&p prokit (just the gearbox with lower and upper assembly, no inner or outer barrel or stock). The links to both of the guns are here: http://www.evike.com/products/37646/ http://www.evike.com/products/42014/ So I first had several questions about both. First, evike custom doesn't really mean anything correct? All it really means is that evike has installed some external upgrades right? I really don't want them to tamper with the g&p gearbox. Next, I assume that the gearbox/internals inside the prokit is no different from the one inside the full gun? Lastly, anyways in the end, I will be replacing the hop up, hopup chamber, and the inner barrel. I was planning to either get a lonex, prometheus, or another brand of inner barrel. I know that lonex has superior internals, but I really haven't read about their tbb quality. I know prometheus is trusted, but the length I want is sold out. Those two brands are the only brands I really trust with inner barrels beside Edgi, which is also sold out like everywhere. Is there another brand of inner barrel that I should buy that is good quality? And prometheus > madbull so. And as an extra, for a g&p gearbox, there isn't much that is needed to be replaced is there? I can easily buy a lonex motor, along with a higher fps spring. I will be correcting the AOE, shimming the gun, radiusing the gearbox, and correcting the motor height. After the motor and spring, is there any other issues with the g&p that I should be aware of?
  11. Update: My TM came and I tried using HFC152A. It may not chrono high, but it shoots like a wonder. Kick is still pretty hard, for an gbb pistol, and the gas efficiency is amazing. I actially got 1 and almost 2 mags off of 1 fill. I had about 3 shots left in the second mag. For anyone wondering how HFC152a (common duster gas) works, it works amazing.
  12. I just ordered my TM hi capa today, and I was wondering if HFC 152A or HFC 144A gases would work for my gun? I have seen PLENTY of posts comparing the effects of green gas and HFC 134A, but I don't want to eventually replace my slide after using green gas (not taking chances), and 134A in my area. I have access to 152A but I have not heard from any first hand experience people that it works properly. I really could care less about FPS, I just want to know that I can use 152A or 144A safely without damaging my gun. Btw for those who don't know, HFC 152A is diflouroethane.
  13. Thanks, but I heard a lot of people say when they screw up u have to pay return fees, and all orders are final unless by warranty
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