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  1. the m4 that is most likely the best would probably be one from systema, as it's a professional training weapon. however, that would definitely be out of your budget. I can definitely recommend g&P. they make quality m4s that shoot very well out of the box. the only problem is that the charging handle does not lock back to the rear like most other m4s do. that is my only problem with my mk18 but most of the brands listed by Guges MK3 are all pretty decent. choose which one you like the best and buy it.
  2. Wanted to change my TM p226 from a stock plastic gun to a full metal gun for quite a while. A lot of people use guarder's slide and frame, but I've heard bad things about if, such as poor gas consumption. Also, does the 2010 version differ from the origional? Please help me out Link to conversion kit: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/accessories/pis...ew-ver-tan.html
  3. WE have recently released their line of SCAR AEGs, and the SCAR L (cheapest out of the 3 variants) cost around 230. CA,G&G, VFC, and Tokyo Marui have released their versions of the SCARs, but they are way above your budget. As Guges MK3 has said, a good battery and charger is a key thing in having something reliable
  4. WE have recently released their new line of SCAR AEGs, with two of the most basic types under 300, so u could have a look at those. WE's previous pistols may have been faliures, but their newest products have been up to scratch so far I could also recommend a G36 for your role, as it is quite light, and is quite compact (folding stock). quite a few brands make them
  5. One fairly easy way to tune up the fps of a gun is to add a longer inner barrel. It will add about 10-20 fps depending on your original barrel length, and the length of the new barrel. However, since it's a CQB gun, you would not want to make the barrel that long, as it is harder to sneak around corners that way. As the new inner barrel will pet rude the existing outer barrel, you could either buy a longer outer barrel, or to save money, buy a barrel extension like a mock suppresser. Having a battery with a higher discharge rate also helps, but having too high a discharge rate can also damage your gun.
  6. King arms have a couple of aegs around the 250 price bracket. They are reliable as king arms is a reputable brand. And you also get an aeg that has a metal body. Not a lot of guns have a quick change spring feature, so I suggest you keep your gun at 350 fps, as using a gun with that velocity outdoors wont do you any harm
  7. I have used the galaxy mp5k quite a bit, as it was the rental gun used in the cqb field I play in before I started buying my own guns. Externally, it is made entirely out of plastic, but it is a good, solid plastic. don't expect it to break, as the quality only second to TM. The only problem I have had with the mp5k is the mag misfeeding. But that can be solved with higher quality metal magazines from brands such as g&p or classic army. Apart from that the mp5k is a reasonable starter's aeg with decent range and accuracy for a cqb field. And as guges has already said, a good battery and charger is very important. Otherwise you will be sitting there watching everyone play because your gun doesn't work.
  8. I currently have bolle x500s , but they are really not low profile googles. Anyone has some suggestions for low profile googles that are compatible with glasses?
  9. After deciding that I would not get the WE P226, I looked into Marui's version of the gun. however, another brand popped up- KWA. KWA have made a lot of 1911 pistols, including their Mark series. It seems that they also have their own version of the 226. question is, which one should I get? They are both around the same price, and good things have been said about both brands. If anyone has had any experience with both brands, with the 226 or not, a comment below would be helpful. thx
  10. which would fit an MP7 mag better, a MP5 mag pouch or a P90/UMP mag pouch ( theese pouches are from flyye)
  11. High end brands such as Ares and Classic army have streamlined versions of their more expensive guns. Although they are made out of plastic, they generally are quite decent guns that work when you want them to. Plus, you will have the manufacturer's guarantee. They may be close to exceeding out of your budget, but they are well worth the invesment. sometimes buying a gun from a chinese brand is like flipping a coin: you either get a good gun or a gun that fails completely. I have used a couple of guns from JG, galaxy, and Dboys. some of them work brilliantly, but some fail pretty badly, or they misfeed very frequently.
  12. another good brand that make M4s is G&P. Everything they make is of top quality, they have over 100 variants to choose from, and some of them are relatively inexpensive. I would not buy the A&K masada, as different people have had diffrent opinions. If you really want a masada, get the streamlined version from magpul PTS, which is relatively cheaper than the full version. KWA is a reputable brand, but I have heard people complain about upgrade compatibility. Alberty was right about that.
  13. BOLLE X500s are really good when It comes to wearing glasses: they have tons of room and slits for glasses on the side. They might not be low profile, but they do the job and they do the job well.
  14. thanks to all for your help. It has really made me think in the right direction. However, just out of intrest, how would you guys compare KSC/KWA to TM? I have had a KSC G17, and it works great, except sometimes it leaks out a lot of gas. thanks again
  15. On most days, I spend my time in a "lovely" english boarding school, so I don't go back that often. And since English computers can't type chinese, I have to rely on forums like these. Sorry for the misunderstanding.
  16. I have been looking for a new GBB pistol when I came across both the TM desert warrior and the P226. Trouble is, although TMs have a reputation of being one of the best pistol makers out there for their reliability, WE have both of models as well, and even though a lot cheaper, they have had good reviews all across youtube. Many say WE is a rising brand that does offer reliability and durability. Could I ask viewers to put down their opinion for each of the brands, regardless of which models they have used. that will help me alot in my choice between the 2 brands. thanks alot.
  17. I have looked around for cheap vests, and this is what I found that I liked http://www.shootercbgear.com/product_info....roducts_id=5101 However, since I run an MP7, would a MP7 mag insert fit in this JPC, or would have to buy the 6094? thanks
  18. I have an MP7 from KWA. it fires very well, very reliable, quite accurate, one of the best gas SMGs that I have seen. however, it has a muzzle velocity of over 400 fps, which is way too hot for a normal cqb field. I have tried using duster gas, but it was still too high. what are the options for downgrading the MP7? thank you for all your help.
  19. $150 will not get you very far. your best bet would be to go for a full metal JG M4, and then you could upgrade it as you go along. an alternative would be a G&G streamline or a classic army streamline.
  20. Currently, my Umarex KWA MP7 has an fps of 400 when using top gas, which is too high for most cqb fields. as I don't want to modify my MP7, so is there a less powerful gas that would bring the fps down? just wondering thx
  21. there are several choices out there. As you said you wanted something different, I would not go for the M16, as they are a longer variant of the M4 as it is long range, you could probably go for a M14, SR25, or a SCAR-H. these all use NATO7.62 mags If you want something really different, I would go for a SL8 by ares (G36 platform DMR) hope this helps.
  22. If you want an M4, G&P is a really good brand to choose from. they are full metal, shoot 350-400 fps out of the box depending on what battery you use ( my G&P defender shot about 390 fps when I first got it using .20s and a 7.4 lipo). the best thing is that they are not ridiculously expensive. some things you should look at: http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/g-p-hong-ko...6-position.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/g-p-hong-ko...-long-sand.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/g-p-hong-ko...irsoft-aeg.html http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/g-p-hong-ko...-aeg-black.html G&P also have alot of guns with magpul parts for a very good price. hope this helps.
  23. If you plan to use your SR25 like a DMR, then I suggest you get a powered scope instead of a regular holographic sight. the powered scope can help you with spotting enemies from afar. And as a designated marksman, you will not need a grenade launcher. you will just simply pick off enemies with the SR25 As jgm said, either get a G&P SR-25, or don't get one at all plus, The G&P magpul SR-25 has everything you would want to have: a powered scope, bipod, AFG, and magpul touches If you wanted the holographic sight so you could deal with close enemies, then I recommend something like this http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/dd-side...?cPath=1_222_36 theese are rapid transitional sights, so just tilt your rifle, and you then have good old iron sights that have no magnification
  24. G&G has always been one of the more reliable brands out there http://www.amazon.com/Airsoft-Machine-High...ords=G%26G+CM16 I am sorry that the website is from amazon, but it is quite a common gun and you will most likely be able to find it on other sites, such as evike
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