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  1. KA has always been 2nd to G&P, so if you want something to last you, get the G&P. plus the price can tell you alot about the quality you are getting($135 might be cheap and good for your wallet, but if you don't want to have to deal with failures or any breakages, buy G&P) Also, you can always buy a taimaya to deans connector if you are used to using tamaya I can vouch for G&P, as I personally own a G&P MK18. it is one of the most reliable AEGs I have ever had, the performance is solid, and it has never let me down
  2. I have played with AEGs for a very long time, so I am looking for something that uses gas, but not to expensive. After looking around, with a budget around 330 for the gun and a few mags I have set my eyes on two guns. please bear in mind that I play in a cqb area, and I am on a tight budget. http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/we-scar....html?cPath=129 http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/umarex-...5.html?cPath=15 I only need around 80 rounds worth of mags, as I only go semi auto even with AEGs For the MP7 which has the power of 400 fps, I can always buy a power down valve. please give me some advice on which one to get thanks alot
  3. H&K Umarex USA have a few guns of the G36 series that do have blowback. they have the G36cv, 36kv, and a few other models, which come in both black and tan. the price ranges from 200 to the 300 range depending on the model. http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/index.p...pha_filter_id=0
  4. Magpul PTS has just released their PDR. though some parts of it are based on the p90, it does look really nice Its inner barrel is the length of a M4 CQB, so it should be good for tight engagements. cost only 320, so plenty of room for upgrades (external and internal)
  5. Ive been looking into buying a flashlight for a standard G&P M4, but while surefire is a bit too expensive, I found night evolution, which sell at around 40-60 US. I want to ask if anyone has used these flashlights before, and if they are reliable. One of the flashlights that I have been looking at: http://www.tokyo-model.com.hk/shop/index.p...roducts_id=9735
  6. A-tacs is not really designed for mixing, so usually you won't see people wearing atacs with diffrent types of camo. atacs works best on its own if you really want to mix atacs au and fg together, then I suggest having all the drop leg pannels and the pouches that go on it in fg. this is because it can blend in with the grass, as grass is found on the ground since you already have an atacs fg jacket, I think you should keep it. but you should really change your plate carrier into atacs au, along with all the pouches. This is because black may be a somewhat universal colour, but it does not go with the tan hue of atacs. even getting a tan plate carrier+pouches would make it alot better.
  7. I own a KSC G17, and it is one of the best yet affordable pistols on the market. this is due to the sturdy construction of both the magazine and the gun itself. I have dropped my mag from standing positions 5 times before gas started leaking. I know that WE is not as reliable, so don't get that. also, although KJW is a good brand, I have heard that in some of their p226 models perform worse than WEs. TM is a great brand, but the fps is very low, so it might not be good for training. plus it is much more expensive
  8. Full auto gbbs are not worth getting. Sure enough, it looks really cool, but usually a gas gun on full auto would not be very consistent on gas. I recommend a WE G17 GEN 4, because it is basically the same as an 18c, just without the full auto function. everything else, like the mags, are the same. If you want to get something else than a glock, WE have quite a few handguns that are below 100 USD, which of course are worth looking at.
  9. I was just wondering whether a MVG from Magpul PTS can fit on a masada handguard, since it can save me some money on rails. thanks for the help.
  10. the real advantage to upgrading your airsoft gun is basically 4 things: 1. higher fps 2. higher rof 3. more accuracy 4. stronger internals since you will play in mostly cqb fields, then you won't need a higher fps than 350, because that is the limit for most cqb fields. therefore, getting a G&P M4 (any sort) would do for fps. and as for accuracy, most G&P guns can hit things spot on at 150 feet. internally wise, they are all really good, and will last you. if you like playing with a higher rof, then you can either upgrade your gun, or use a lipo. I reccomend a G&P Defender. it is a great gun that I own, shoots 350 fps, and can be used basically for outdoors or indoors because of it's range. plus, it comes with an aimpoint red dot sight, and a vertical foregrip. it's barrel length is about 12 inch, so a perfect balance between cqb and outdoor. and it only costs about 320. if you don't want one with a red dot, then the sentry is another option. hope my answer is good enough for the "I'm confident this question hasnt been answered yet here." post.
  11. if you have the money, then of course, get the advanced version. however, if you are on a budget, than u should keep in mind that 2 magpul pts 14.5 inch barrel assembelies is about the same price as the sv. and the material is not alot worse, it is just a little less polymer the main diffrence is that there are no iron sights, and the mag is a beta project p mag, the imprinted engraving, and the slightly worse material internally, they work the same and both of them accept KWA m4 mags
  12. G&P is an awesome brand. you made a good choice as people previously have said, do not buy from evike. I have heard stories where G&P guns come up on the website which are not even on the official G&P catalouge What you will be getting will be a 14 inch or a 12 inch. I personally reccomend the 12 inch( including the MK18 MOD 1, Defender, Enforcer) because they perform just as good as the 14 inch models, but it will be more manuverable the only down side about the 12 inch is that upgrades are a little less easier to find for the barrel (inner, outer barrel) but there are some out there. I have had my G&P defender for a long time, and it has served me well plus, you can save money if you want a red dot. it comes with one http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs..._Dark_Earth.htm (MK18 MOD1) red wolf does not have the defender and enforcer, but you can find them on other sites
  13. A KSC G17 would be ideal. I have one myself, and it is really reliable. I dropped the mag at least 10 times before it broke, which is about just as good as gas guns go you can also find Ra-tech CO2 mags, but are slightly more expensive (makes sense) So if you treat this pistol as any other pistol you have treated, it should hold up fine and with this gun use a serpa holster. other nylon ones have problems of dropping mags. the gas is very efficient. as long as you load it in correctly, should not be a problem
  14. ive been looking at the P226 from WE thing is, kjw also has a p226, and I would want to know which one would be better if I were to use it as a back up weapon also, most sites say that it shoots at about 290 fps, but ive seen a chrono of it and it comes to about 250 fps if I want the fps to be about 290, what gas should I use? thx for all the help
  15. WE is a very good brand if you are looking under 100 there is the Nighthawk 1911, costs 98 dollars or for something that looks slightly diffrent and has a larger mag capacity, there is always the Hi-capa dragon, which has 31 rounds, and costs 95 dollars something that would be a good choice for MilSim would be the P226, costs links: 1911 nighthawk: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...htHawk_1911.htm Hi capa dragon: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs..._Full_Metal.htm P226: http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...MK25_w_Rail.htm As you said you wanted a tan pistol, the WE desert warrior 4.3 http://www.redwolfairsoft.com/redwolf/airs...No_Markings.htm
  16. It would be better just to buy a G&G combat machine (black or tan) Internally wise, G&G is a reputable taiwanese brand, so there should not be any sort of malfunctions for quite some time keep in mind, there are 2 versions of the femme fatal. the femme fatal 16 is basically an M4A1 painted pink. the femme fatal 15 has a rail and a crane stock
  17. all of the brands you mentioned are good brands, however, KWAs are slighly more expensive, but most of their pistols reach about 300 fps using top gas. plus I have had a G17 for quite a while, and have found it to be quite reliable WEs are cheaper, but they generally reach about 275 fps using top gas KJWs are also cheap, and have slightly better fps so if you want a M9, the KJW M9A1 will be suitable, as it is reliable, and less than 100
  18. G&P makes really good internals magpul makes really good externals so in short, your rifle will last you a long time the only bad bit about the rifle is the MOE stock, which from what ive heard does wobble a bit.
  19. I also have a G&P defender, and the only thing that I found unsatisfactory was the red dot is not impact resistant. I once droped it on the floor from about 30 cm while adjusting it, and it did not work the same ever since. but minus that, it is a really awesome rifle. I would highly reccomend this to anyone
  20. I would highly suggest a G&P Sentry, which costs about $275. G&P is one of the better hong kong brands out there, so I would not see it breaking anytime soon. plus, this gun is entirely made out of metal except for the foregrip, the stubby crane stock, and the pistol grip. it is about 350 fps. plus, there are magpul and troy versions of this gun.
  21. I need a hybrid sight for less than $150 ( the cheaper the better, but still has to be reliable ) can anyone give me any suggestions ? thanks a lot
  22. I would go for magpul Pmags, the ones which cost about $23. They are a bit expensive, but they do not break, and are webbed to make reloading easier.
  23. If your budget is not very strict then I will recommend this gun: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/produc...d=6&cat=273 G&P is one of the most reputable brands that make good M4s. I have fired this gun and it is much more than the 250 fps that is said on the website (around 350 with a lipo)
  24. I am looking to buy my second AEG, as my first one performed very well, but only has a 10.5 inch barrel This time, I am looking for something a bit longer, something that has a 14-16 inch barrel, which does not need to be upgraded from the start. The fps should be about 375 with a 7.4v lipo. As my first AEG was from G&P, I don't mind getting another one, such as the below: http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/produc...d=6&cat=273 (magpul moe) http://www.wgcshop.com/wgc2008/main/produc...d=6&cat=358 (KA MRE) http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/gandp-sentry-ai...-long-sand.html (G&P sentry long) I have also decided to add the KA MRE to my choice because of the great things I've heard from king arms Could anyone please give me an idea of which one to buy? Thanks
  25. You could try the G&P/Magpul SR-25 sniper rifle, which is an AEG, which comes with a scope, a bipod, a magpul AFG, and a few other magpul accseories http://shop.ehobbyasia.com/aeg/g-p-hong-ko...magpul-pts.html If you are thinking it is too much, there are a couple of other versions of this rifle, or you could check out the M14 DMR series, which have rifles that are considerably cheaper
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