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  1. 1. for gear, you could look at flyye or TMC. tmc's stuff is relatively cheaper, as they are made from a slightly less durable material, but the stuff made by both brands will last you for a long time.plus they come in a lot of diffrent colours. 2. ACU is not a really bad pattern, but it is a bit more suited for urban combat, and bdus are hard to find. you can probably look at emereson's line of bdus. they are not expensive and good quality. plus, ACU goes well with coyote brown or khaki. 3. as for gear, if you only need an assault rifle, you only need a few mag pouches, a hydration pouch, and a utility + admin pouch.
  2. tmc has always been a reputable brand for buyers on a low budget, but recently they have released their own bdus (dombat shirts, combat trousers with knee pads) thing is, are they good? and how would they compare to emereson's bdus?
  3. it is atacs au sorry I forgotthere are 2 versions of atacs
  4. I have recently been looking at boots from "infantry walking" the boots look pretty good, but they cost around 50 US if anyone has ever used the boots can you please tell me if it is worth buying? thanks
  5. ive bought an atacs combat shirt and trousers that come with knee and elbow pads I do not want to buy an atacs gear from flyye because it costs too much im not sure if atacs goes better with coyote brown or khaki thanks for the help
  6. the gun you were looking at was probably a evike custom. I have looked at various websites, and evike's GP AEGs seems out of place I would recommend getting from WGC, as their G&P AEGs are considerably cheaper than other sites. And next time try to look at several sites to see if the model you want is there. but mostly it probably will be
  7. Definetly get G&P's aimpoints. they are all full metal, with lots of eye relif. they cost from 30-40 dollars. and you can add a kill flash or a 2X magnifier withoug coming near the 100 mark. ive had my G&P aimpoint for quite some time, and it is one of the best aimpoints out on the market and about the sunlight, through experience it is fine to play with them in sunlight
  8. for the M14, I would get the G&P M14 DMR. this is simply because it is one of the best M14s on the market, and it is not paticularly exspensive, around 283 US. Plus, it comes with a scope, and a 160rd midcap. the gun is TM compatible, so upgrading it will not be a problem. below is a review made by Jarek 4, if you do consider buying the gun: If you do not want the scope, then there is a version without the scope, which should be around the $200 side (US222, I think) as for the MP5, I would recommend the TM MP5A5, as TM is a reputable brand and have decent rifles the only concern is the lack of FPS which Marui is famous for
  9. I've been looking at some of well's sniper rifles, and they say that it can fire at around 490 fps. But I don't really believe it, so can someone with experience help? Thanks alot
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