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  1. The bursts are probably because the gun is simply worn out, the slide and disconnector are not engaging reliably. The gas release may be due to a bad seal in the rear of the blowback chamber.
  2. It will work. However, it will not fit a battery in it, so it won't work if your MP5 is wired to the handguard unless you get a PEQ box for it. This one might fit a battery. http://www.acmgear.com/cyma-rail-handguard...rel-p-2685.html
  3. Go with the CYMA M14 for sure. I have owned both guns and the M14 is the obvious field choice. I used it for 2 years and have had more kill with it than any ICS or KWA I own now. It comes stock with a 6.03 barrel and should chrono around 360-370. Wonderful range and its really not that hard to work on (field strips by pulling the trigger guard down). Just make sure you watch a dissassembly video first.
  4. The part that breaks easily is the "bridge" between the action and the forend. Seen it happen a few times. Just don't drop it. Yes, it uses a short motor. I believe only the upper receiver is metal. Don't buy anything for the cybergun ABS model. If you want cheap box mags go for the King Arms midcaps.
  5. The lower the gear ratio (I.e. 13:1 is lowest) the higher the ROF and the less torque your gears will have. The 18:1 ratio would be fine with the stock motor but you would not see much increase in speed (21:1 is the standard ratio). That gun generally comes with an M110, so you do have to worry about motor and piston stress at higher speeds. It all depends on how much you want to put in and get out of it. However, don't be afraid to experiment- the worst that can happen is you strip a cheap piston or burn a cheap motor. Correcting AOE with sorbo pads is a good cheap precaution as Lefse said.
  6. The port should always be towards the rear of the gun. Make sure the lip of the hop-up bucking hasn't torn (though it shouldnt if you didn't mess with it). The seal between the hop-up and air nozzle is critical; you may need to shim the hop-up against the gearbox. The total air seal test will tell you what's wrong. Only problem I can think of besides a backwards port and airseal problems is if any of the piston or sector gear teeth are stripped causing short-stroking.
  7. It will have to do with the switch unit (same as trolley). Common problem, figure out what's sticking or just replace the whole switch unit (NOT the trigger itself).
  8. Don't downgrade unless you are doing CQB. (And this really is not a CQB gun.) If you have a field limit to match you should only need to go down to an M120. A precision inner barrel would be more worth the money than a replacement hop-up unit.
  9. 8X56R


    S&T is not a rebrander, it's a cloner (and Umarex is a licensing name). Have had no experience with it however. The JG is very reliable, have seen a lot and the only problem is that the hop-up brace can break if you're not careful in dissassembly.
  10. I'm not the bandwagon type, but WE 1911s really are very good ($100). KWAs are always best but more pricey...
  11. 2A emphasizes the need to bear arms to prevent tyrrany. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." A militia has nothing to do with self-defense. The other reasons for gun ownership (such as self-defense) are implied in the statement "the right of the people." Dmitri, I appreciate your factual input, but to limit our views of our freedoms to what the Supreme Court (or any government body) defines them as is closed-minded and dangerous. Let's not forget Dred Scott vs. Sanford. GreyGhost, the law still affects the rest of us because LA county is where most airsoft shipments are imported (not to mention all the national retailers located there). If LA doesn't let them into the country we don't get them.
  12. Pro: None Cons: Pitiful range/accuracy Mostly plastic Shells get lost Breaks easily Overpriced Don't waste your time with it. If you like WWII replicas there are plenty of options out there, all of them better.
  13. This isn't about revenue or a misunderstanding about airsoft safety. It's simply another extension of irrational gun control activism. Whether it's real firearms or airsoft, restricting gun ownership limits public awareness of firearms and enables the activists to perpetuate myths about guns owners and firearms/airsoft. It's nothing but a propaganda game. The best way to combat it is to be responsible airsofters in our communities so that others can understand the nature and reality of our sport. Proud to no longer be a resident of the People's Republic of California.
  14. I hear good and bad things about it. If that is your budget, then that is probably the best you will get for your money, but if you are willing to spend a little more, go for a CYMA, JG or a G&G Combat machine. They will probably be more reliable.
  15. Everything is V2 except the air nozzle, which is proprietary. Motor is short type. Do not use 13:1 or any high speed gears on a 400+ FPS setup, you will not have enough torque, especially with a stock motor.
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