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  2. I ship USPS from NY usually 1-2 days after payment is received If you have anything to offer for a trade go ahead and shoot PayPal Only If you don't like my prices feel free to make an offer Any questions PM me ________________________________________________________________________________ SureFire M900 Replica - $85- It is new. I used once before I sold my SR7. Takes 3 123A batteries. (not included) Main light is very bright, it also includes Navigation Lights (dimmer light for navigation) that is activated by a separate switch. Modes include Apply pressure to activate (Left/Right pressure pads on vert grip), constant on thumb switch and there is also a kill switch that when activated, the light will not turn on until deactivated. Overall, I love this thing. But it has been no use to me since I switched from an M4 to an MP5 so may as well have somebody else enjoy it and all its glory. G&G MP5 200rnd HiCap - $15- Brand New. I only use RealCaps and MidCaps. G&G G36 Flash Hider - $12 - Brand New in packaging. Got it in the mail with my order by mistake from ASGI. NcStar 1x30 Red Dot - $20 - Probably a couple years old and one of my first sights. A little beat up, but it works perfectly. No battery included. 5 Position Folding Vertical Grip -$10- Barely used, pretty much brand new without the packaging. Tan ARC Rails (These do not fit ACH Helmets) -$15- Brand New. I got these with the intentions of putting them on a ACH Helmet, but they do fit. Everything including screws and nuts. Unknown Brand Full Seal Goggles -$20- Used. They are in decent condition. They're pretty confy and get the job done. KWA M4 Pistol Grip -$5- Includes everything such as the plate and screw. Taken off my SR7 awhile ago and its just been collecting dust. Metal Rear Sight -$20- Also taken off my SR7. No wear, great condition. KWA KM4 Front Sight Post and Sling Attachments (includes all 3 pins) -$10- Taken off my SR7. Includes everything you need to get it operatoinal. x2 Condor Double Stack Open Top M4 Magazine Pouches (black) -$8 each or $12 for both- These are in like new condition. Condor Hard Knuckle Gloves (Size 9, Black) -$12- These no longer fit me. They are in decent condition. Fingerless reinforced gloves. (Size 9, Black) -$8- Same story as the Condor Gloves. OK condition. Black Roll-Up Dump Pouch -$15- I no longer use this because of the color. Good condition.
  3. EDIT: My apologies I now see the sticky thread and my question is answered. Too early for me lol. Please close/delete thread So I have a KWA/KSC G26C. Recently, the back slide was damaged so I decided to buy a new one off the KWA pro shop. However, I am having trouble getting it off. (note that this is the full auto/semi auto version of the 26) After a little bit of looking around, it seems I need to disassemble the slide completely to get it off and replace it. Once again, I don't know how, and here I am asking for somebody to point me in the direction of a step by step process, or simply inform me. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance. -Meyer
  4. NO PART OUTS! Everything is packaged and ready to be shipped out as soon as payment is received. PayPal only. If payment is received before 5PM EST Mon-Fri package will ship the same day. Tracking will be included. CASH ONLY, NO TRADES. ________________________________________________________________________________ I've got a KWA SR7 in excellent condition. The only issue with it is that it needs a new dust cover as the one currently installed does not open when the charging handle is pulled back. Less than 8000 bbs have been put threw it and its only been used in no more than 25 CQB matches. It comes with a Daniel Defense 10 Inch RIS unit and a MagPul MOE Grip already installed that is brand new. ($130 retail value alone) Also installed for aesthetics is a Gas Tube and Gas block inside of the RIS. Includes 3 mags, set of MBUS back-up sights, metal rear sight, and two flash hiders. (orange/black) If you are interested send me a PM or send Payment to my PayPal (acmeyer1130<AT>gmail.com) If you are wondering why I'm trying to sell I'm looking for funds to pay for my camera setup so I can start recording and uploading games to YouTube. KWA SR7 Package Includes -KWA SR7 with Daniel Defense 10 INCH RIS, and MagPul MOE Grip(Retail Value $290+$130=$420) (Shoots 350fps with a .2, very good/like new condition internally, some external ware on the reciever. RIS and MOE grip are brand new) -3 KWA Metal 120rnd MidCaps. Feed great, never misfed on me once. (Retail Value $75) -ACM MapPul back-up sights set (Retail Value $20) -KWA SR7 Metal Rear Sight. (Originally included with the SR7) -Orange flash hider, and black flash hider (Retail Value $10) Total Retail Value: $525 Pictures: http://imageshack.us/g/1/10017039/
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