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  1. Hey guys!!!! So I've got a bunch of M4 parts lying around that I've been frankensteining for fun. In the process, I was looking at modern warfare and seeing all the creative skins they got on there. ESPECIALLY the Manga Waifu skins they have! So out of mere curiosity (and maybe, just maybe a tiny little smidge of greed), how much would someone pay for a gun (minus the value of the actual gun) that not only had a custom paint job, but one like this that actually has pictures and what not painted (or stickered) on? I'd like to get some feedback on this and see if it would be worth it to try doing a project like this and maybe doing it for some people! Would the types of paint/finish affect your worth? Would you actually play with a gun like this or keep it as a wallhanger? Would you actually bring a Projekt Melody gun to the field or would you protect what little innocence the children have left before you full auto them and show them just how much life sucks?
  2. Have a PTS Masada (not a&k or sv) for sale, two tone (black receivers and tan hand guard/stock). Has a bit of an electrical issue, but I can get that fixed before I send it out.
  3. Definitely interested! How much for shipping?
  4. I would suggest the newly released kwa lm4. It's not that expensive, awesome stock rate of fire and kick, and of course, kwa quality. It would definitely fit your 500 dollar budget!
  5. Got what I wanted. Thanks for all the wonderful offers guys! Mods please delete!
  6. Hey guys! I am looking to buy a Magpul PTS Masada! I would prefer it in Dark Earth, unless coating it with gun paint won't screw up the trademarks. Im willing to pay anywhere between 300-400 (considering I can get one for a little more than 400 on evike with coupon codes if they had the fraggin thing in stock!) for one plus shipping, and would prefer the folding stock to the fixed one. I am open to offers and negotiation! Send me a message or respond to this thread! I'm sick of my A&K masada and want to upgrade! Thanks!
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