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  1. If you sold him the body, I'd buy the P* kit. PM me if you want to do it.
  2. I just got knockoffs from Ebay for $13 shipped. Took 3 days from Cali. Yes, they def do have a slight crook off the rail, def don't sit perfectly flat like like genuine ones. That being said, they look the part, didn't cost me more then I would spend on lunch, and function as needed. They flip up, they flip down, the stay on the rail, they lock in place with a decent click.
  3. Pretty much. I just put on a Gemtech Supressor on my raider. very nice, added a nice weight to the gun too - its full metal. Just be sure you are able to get the flash hinder off properly and not to mar the threads when trying to remove it.
  4. I just got a OE Tech MPS vest. Solid build quality, feels nice and the clips/plastic seem durable enough. Some random frays and such but that is typical with china-stitching, nothing out of the ordinary. Worked really well. ^just a note about OE tech quality.
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